Garden on the Deck

(c) 2013 - Marilyn Armstrong

Each year I’ve lived in this house — except for one — I’ve put flowers out on the deck, hanging fuchsia and bright begonias.

The hummingbirds love fuchsia. If you are quiet and patient, you can sit, sip you coffee or lemonade. You can watch the hummingbirds busily drinking from the fuchsia and the red or violet begonias too. Last year, I missed getting some fuchsia.

(c) 2013 - Marilyn Armstrong

Several local nurseries have closed and the few that remain only grow a limited number of fuchsia. They take up so much room in the greenhouse, you see, they can only grow a few dozen.

(c) 2013 - Marilyn Armstrong

I knew today was the day they would put the fuchsia out for sale.There were 40 at the start of the day. By the time I got there at a little past noon, there were 6 left. I bought two. I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer!

(c) 2013 - Marilyn Armstrong

Only one year, the year after I had my bilateral mastectomy, did I put no flowers out. It was less a sign of how sick my body was than how depressed I was emotionally.

(c) 2013 - Marilyn Armstrong

This year I vowed, we’d have our garden on the deck.

I kept my word. This year, we have flowers.

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  1. How Green Was Our Deck


  2. OMG, if there is ANY reason to live through a New England winter, it’s a New England spring! Thanks for bringing back that lucious memory.


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