Nominated for the Liebster Award again :D

And I am honored again. You like me. You really LIKE me!

Films and Things

It never ceases to shock, stun and amaze me that people actually read the crap I write on this blog! What stuns me even more is that they like the crap that I write on this blog!! I’ve just been nominated for a second time, pop over and have a look at Senorita Still Standing 🙂

The rules are simple; give 11 facts about you, answer 11 questions then nominate 11 people, so here goes!

I’m actually struggling to think of facts about me that I haven’t already given, so apologies if these are either repetitive or really stupid and pointless!

11 Facts

  1. I’m tall; 5 ft 9 and bordering 6ft in my heels
  2. I dabble with a lot of things, I’m a bit of a butterfly. There’s not one particular thing that I do, I flit between writing, painting, filmmaking and various other bits and bobs.
  3. I’m slightly in love…

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In the woods


In the woods, the colors are muted. You have to look around you with care to see the interesting stuff … but also to make sure you don’t sprain an ankle falling over an unseen obstacle.

The forest floor is deceptive. It looks soft and smooth, but that’s just the surface, covered by leaves. Beneath that are rocks, trenches hollowed by rain or the burrows of small animals.


If you can ignore the insects who are busily biting you as you walk (slathering yourself with bug repellant only slows the attack), there are fascinating configurations everywhere, soft greens, grays, browns and blacks. A small bird’s nest in the hollow of a fallen tree. A strange fungus growing on rotting wood, and everywhere, leaves fallen from oak trees covering everything.