Daily Prompt: Fill In the Blank — 3 People Walk Into a Bar …







Anyone can help you prove your thesis. Just ask.

Is it a bar? It looked like a bar. Well, we’re here. Let’s sit down in one of these booths. We can get something to drink, you think? Maybe something to eat, too. Those hot dogs look pretty good. Why not? Not like we have something else to do, eh?

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  1. Love “The Toilet Zone” anecdote. Works (maybe too well) for me.


  2. 3 people walk into a bar …
    Darkened … strangely quiet … you see no one.
    You walk to the counter: “Hello … HELLO?? … ”
    No answer.
    Suddenly a voice … “Please place your order.”
    A little surprised … you comply: “Uhh … I’ll have 3 hot dogs with the works … and 9 beers.”
    A few moments pass …
    The voice speaks: “Please place 73 dollars and 47 cents on the bar.”
    You look at your friends and shrug: “73 dollars and 47 cents … on the bar.”
    The voice: “Please step away from the bar.”
    You move back 7 feet.
    Suddenly you hear a flushing sound … and the money vanishes!
    You wait 15 minutes. Nothing happens. No hot dogs … no beer … no voice … nothing.
    Perplexed … and annoyed … you leave.
    As you walk away … you hear some eerie music … and look back at the bar …. noticing the Sign for the first time:
    ‘The Toilet Zone’



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