House In The River


This is where the Ogunquit River joins the sea. The sea is just out of view, because from here the river drops abruptly downward and in less than a quarter of a mile, is part of the marsh, then the Atlantic Ocean.


The house is built for all practical purposes in the river. I can’t imagine how the house keeps from being swept away during storms when the river must rise up over its banks.


To get to the river from the other bank, there’s nothing but a plank, and not a very secure plank at that. There must be another way to get there because I can’t imagine anyone willingly crossing over that white water on nothing more than a piece of sodden wood.


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  1. The foundation, however, (as foundations whether house, novel, poem, or walking) is solid. I think I’d like living there. But then, I love the sound of water. Almost as much as I love windows!!


    • The foundation must have been poured of very heavy high quality concrete because otherwise, it would long since have washed away. It’s an old house, probably from the turn of the century, but has apparently been well-maintained. I wish I knew more about it.


  2. Nice view from the house. The water must be noisy though.


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