Weekly Photo Challenge: Escape – Run!

Can you run ... and can you hide?

Can you run … and can you hide?

Escape can be a thing of the mind, a displacement. It can mean a vacation to a far away paradise, or at the very least, travel to a kinder, friendlier place.

Escape can also be literal, to run from danger, to seek safety if life is threatened.

Which do these offer? And why? Only you know. Only you can guess the truth.

Escape while you can!

Escape while you can!

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  1. OMG … we had fire escapes in the back of our house. I played on them on many a hot summer afternoon. This is a super entry for the challenge. A very unusual group of photo’s … well, done.


    • Fire escapes were the “decks” of kids raised in the city. Our balconies, our little piece of the outdoors. AND our escape in case of fire. I’m surprised at home many peopel don’t recognize them anymore.

      On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 12:07 PM, SERENDIPITY


  2. Really, perfect escape images!!


  3. I always wondere how about the last pieces of the Escape stairway – especially when you are in hurry?.. Lovely photos for sure, thanks for sharing – Have a great weekend 😀


    • Most of the time, there’s a latch that releases a final piece of ladder that gets you either on the sidewalk or very close to it. This one probably has a latch too, I just didn’t catch it in the picture.



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