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    • Thanks. I love it too, but most people don’t think much of it. You have to be shooting at between 3:30 and 4PM on a very bright day in the summer (an hour earlier in spring or fall — even earlier in winter). The sun has to hit the lens exactly right to get that effect. It isn’t done with a special lens or filter, just the sun 🙂 Almost everyone assumes it’s a special effect. It’s not, actually 🙂


  1. Breathtaking!


    • Also lucky. There’s a particular angle of light … in this case time of day (around 3:30PM in the summer) when I can catch that. But to get them showing as individuals rays, I can’t always predic. NoI didn’t use a filter. I just got the angle right 🙂 There are filters that produce something like that, but they look like you used a filter.


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