For The Promptless: Vision Board – A Collage of Life


This is both what I want and have in my life. It’s not everything, but it’s been a full life. I’m old enough to have attained the things most important to me. And not. It depends on how one looks at it. The difference between success and failure, contentment or emptiness can be your attitude. This is not to say that there are no real losses. Of course there are. Deaths, partings, endings are inevitable, but they don’t define our life, however painful they are. Nor are we defined by the worst things that have happened to us.

I’ve done most of the stuff I wanted to do, been most places I wanted to go. I took chances. Sometimes the risks paid off. Other times, the results were unfortunate.  I regret the chances I never took far more than those I took that didn’t work out.

Look at your life, see good times and happy memories — or focus on failure and losses. Life is never all joy or entirely miserable. There are good times and bad. We all fail. We all succeed. Life is like a baseball season, made up of wins and losses.

We have ultimate freedom to choose which is more important and how we evaluate the balance. In this one thing, we answer only to ourselves.

19 thoughts on “For The Promptless: Vision Board – A Collage of Life

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    • There ARE real tragedies in life. Things can be awful. Sickness, death, financial disaster … but when you sum up your life, look at it as a whole, the bad stuff — and bad stuff happens to everyone eventually — it doesn’t have to *define* you, define your life. You don’t have to smile through your pain, but your needn’t dwell in pain either. I really believe that.

      And that’s what I mean by attitude. I don’t believe we should paste fake smiles on our faces and pretend everything is fine when it’s not, but that we need not let the hard times wipe out all the good times. I don’t know why it is that misery holds so much power, while happiness tends to sneak up on us. Weird.

      On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 11:08 PM, SERENDIPITY


    • Thank you. This one took all day. It’s hard to control the collage. It’s all about placement … and the whimsical programming of the gallery. But it was fun … Thanks for the opportunity.


  5. What a wonderful and beautiful life you have lived:) So many wonderful memories….family and friends and best of all is the love that connects all your photos and is evident through out your life. Thank you for sharing your life and your beautiful heart:)


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