2 thoughts on “75-GloryHPCR-5

  1. I like the roundness of the tree and the triangular points of this photo. I’m torn between wishing the flag were fully in focus and the ragged contrast of the neatly trimmed tree and the fuzzy frantic flag.


    • Do you own super fast long lenses? And a really expensive DSLR? And have an amazingly steady hand? Because unless you have these, you are not going to get these shots you are suggesting. This is not a shot that sits there and waits for you to focus. It’s there, you shoot. With luck, you get it. I, by the way, very much LIKE the movement of the flag. If I’d focused on the trees to sharpen them, the flag would have been nothing but blur. A sharp tree with a blue of something indistinguishable in the foreground.


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