Daily Prompt: Silver Linings: The Very Picture of Ugly


– – –

If we never experience ugly, how can we recognize beautiful?

I do not believe in silver linings, but I believe in hope and hold the fundamental belief that all things change. Nothing — good or bad — is permanent. There are dips and valleys and each has its flavor.

We travel to dark places, but climb out of them to  find light. Evil exists, but so does good. Darkness shows us light. We weather storms and know we are strong. Such is life. The good, the bad, the ugly, the up, down and all the way around. We don’t need fake silver. We have the real thing.

My mother always said it. It was her mantra. Now I understand:

And this too shall pass.

– – –


Daily Prompt: Silver Linings – Rain grows the earth


Silver linings are lies.

False hopes that obscure the truth by blinding us with

Reflected light so we cannot see truly.

– – –

Every cloud, says a proverb, has a silver lining

If you ask me?

The truth is better.

The shine of silver in the sky is

Rain, lightning, thunder, wind, nature’s fury.

– – –

Silver lining is what we call a thing

That wasn’t at all what we wanted.

Something we feared, caused hurt.

But hey, you say, as you dust yourself off,

It could have been worse!

– – –

It could have been better.

I should be grateful because

I lived to tell the tale.

Not dead yet. There! A silver lining!

– – –

Silver linings offer no comfort or hope

Fake promises, short reprieve from disaster, extinction, worse.

Sorry. It won’t make me smile.

– – –

I see clouds where clouds are.

I see joy when joy is.

I know the difference.

I’m strong enough to accept what is and isn’t.

– – –

I’ve flown through clouds

High up there, first looking down into the lovely

Puffy whiteness so bright with sunlight,

Uninterrupted in shining. Then.

– – –

Flying through clouds there is no lining, silver or not.

Just more cloud. No gleam.

I hope for silver. I yearn for it.

– – –

Clouds come

With rain and storm.

Clouds pass.

Sun comes back.

No need for silver linings.

– – –

Better to embrace the clouds and accept.

Sunlight will shine when the storm is done,

And the rain grows the earth.

Sun Shines

– – –

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says Vote For Me

Bringing back memories of the election we thought would never end.

– – –

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says Impeach Them


What I most love about this sign on a neighbor’s lawn is that it fails to specify who should be impeached, thus implying everyone. Come to think of it, that’s not such a bad idea.

– – –