Daily Prompt: Silver Linings – Rain grows the earth


Silver linings are lies.

False hopes that obscure the truth by blinding us with

Reflected light so we cannot see truly.

– – –

Every cloud, says a proverb, has a silver lining

If you ask me?

The truth is better.

The shine of silver in the sky is

Rain, lightning, thunder, wind, nature’s fury.

– – –

Silver lining is what we call a thing

That wasn’t at all what we wanted.

Something we feared, caused hurt.

But hey, you say, as you dust yourself off,

It could have been worse!

– – –

It could have been better.

I should be grateful because

I lived to tell the tale.

Not dead yet. There! A silver lining!

– – –

Silver linings offer no comfort or hope

Fake promises, short reprieve from disaster, extinction, worse.

Sorry. It won’t make me smile.

– – –

I see clouds where clouds are.

I see joy when joy is.

I know the difference.

I’m strong enough to accept what is and isn’t.

– – –

I’ve flown through clouds

High up there, first looking down into the lovely

Puffy whiteness so bright with sunlight,

Uninterrupted in shining. Then.

– – –

Flying through clouds there is no lining, silver or not.

Just more cloud. No gleam.

I hope for silver. I yearn for it.

– – –

Clouds come

With rain and storm.

Clouds pass.

Sun comes back.

No need for silver linings.

– – –

Better to embrace the clouds and accept.

Sunlight will shine when the storm is done,

And the rain grows the earth.

Sun Shines

– – –

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6 replies

  1. Well, you’ve done it again. (Blown me away with your words, your heart, your vision.)



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