Daily Prompt: Silver Linings: The Very Picture of Ugly


– – –

If we never experience ugly, how can we recognize beautiful?

I do not believe in silver linings, but I believe in hope and hold the fundamental belief that all things change. Nothing — good or bad — is permanent. There are dips and valleys and each has its flavor.

We travel to dark places, but climb out of them to  find light. Evil exists, but so does good. Darkness shows us light. We weather storms and know we are strong. Such is life. The good, the bad, the ugly, the up, down and all the way around. We don’t need fake silver. We have the real thing.

My mother always said it. It was her mantra. Now I understand:

And this too shall pass.

– – –


9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Silver Linings: The Very Picture of Ugly

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        • It’s hard to be joyful in the bathroom (could they make it any more aesthetically icky?) of the doctor’s office. The harsh light, the ugly fixtures. The dirt. The grime. The starkness. And finally the green glow of flourescent lighting. Ah, beauty, I can be joyful. Not easily in the bathroom. Or, at least not that bathroom!! 🙂 (a smile for you)


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