Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap — Williamsburg, Virgina

There is a negative inference to tourist trap, that such places are less worthy of attention because they are too popular as a vacation destination. In that context, the entire city of Paris should be discounted as a tourist trap. Certainly Martha’s Vineyard, one of our favorite places on earth, as well as Cape Cod and Cape Ann would have to be eliminated. There are places worth avoiding … and many others that are too much fun to miss. The trick  is finding a time to visit when there is less traffic. Many places, that’s before the end of the school year or after Labor Day. If you don’t have children and you have flexibility to schedule vacations during off-peak times, you can have the best of all worlds and save a bit of money too.

Tourist traps are great places to visit. That’s how they became tourist traps.  Are they expensive? Usually. Popular destinations cost more. If you go someplace no one wants to be, you’ll definitely save money. The market drives prices up.

Tourist traps are places designed to accommodate visitors. Unlike many out-of-the-way places, local residents and businesses are glad to see you. You are welcomed into shops and restaurants. You can find plenty of places to stay and lots of things to do. While some people want a vacation to “get away from it all,” some of us already live away from it all. We want vacation places that aren’t just like home. We live amidst trees, streams, ponds, wildlife and quiet. When we travel, I want other things to do. I want history, shopping, good food, the company of compatible people and comfortable accommodations. Is it a tourist trap? Maybe. But is it fun? Absolutely.

This was Williamsburg, Virginia. I had been here many years before, in the early 1960s when it was barely on the map. It has changed and become a genuine, gold card-carrying tourist trap. Great photo ops, lots to buy. Even better? The nearby theme park and roller coasters! And that was our next day!

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