It’s YOUR fault!

I’m not sure how this happened. I haven’t found anyone to blame yet, but I’m looking for a scapegoat and would appreciate a volunteer.

When did my blog change from a fun hobby into a do-or-die project? It has been consuming my life. Incrementally, bit by bit, it nibbles at my days, chews up my evenings and gnaws the edges of my nights.

Dutch IrisI have computers everywhere, so I can work from any room. Any place I might relax, a computer lies waiting. The proliferation of computers was a convenience, so I wouldn’t have to haul stuff around. It wasn’t supposed to be a constant reminder of tasks and assignments. I renounced that stuff years ago … or so I thought.

I started reviewing books because I love them. Now, I have more books to read than time — and I’ve got deadlines. Deadlines? Come again? I’m retired, aren’t I?

No time to read other people’s blogs or listen to an audio book just for fun. No time to read anything that isn’t on my “to-read” list. Barely time to answer personal email. Or talk on the phone, shop, cook or do anything except write, edit and read. Sleep? No time for that, either.

We don’t change as much as we think we do. Just when we think we’ve finally gotten that piano out the door, it sneaks back in the window. Old, engrained habits lurk — then when you think you’ve got it beat, pounce. Whack. HEY! Where’d you come from? Saying “yes” until I’m drowning — it’s an old song, oh so familiar. I know the music, lyrics and all 42 verses. Old habits are like old shoes. So comfy. Slide right into those babies.

Riverside gardenWhen I started doing this, I wanted to be busier than I was, but didn’t want to be tied to a schedule. Free, unscheduled time is the singular gift of retirement. We may be short of money but our time belongs to us.

Instead of letting myself enjoy the wealth of time, I’m back on a schedule. I’m not even getting paid!

So I’ve decided it’s not my fault. It’s someone else’s fault. I just need to figure out who. What about you? Has your hobby, your blog, your avocation taken over your life? I’ll bet I’m not the only one who has a problem. Maybe bad habits are contagious and I caught it from you. In which case …

It’s your fault. I can point a finger and be off the hook. No need to ponder my complicity or change my behavior.

This must be why scapegoating is so popular. It has surpassed baseball as our national pastime. If others are to blame, I can be a total screw up. If it’s not my fault, I don’t have to fix it. Cool.

So, is it your fault? You, there, sitting in front of your computer. Yes, I mean you.  Don’t try to weasel out of this. I know guilt when I see it!

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11 replies

  1. gotcha …
    when’s it’s not fun … im outta here.


  2. You are the reason I am so careful how I get involved! It is scary how something can take over your life like that. Ah, moderation in all tings, including moderation!!! Blessings, Tasha


    • And it just sneaks up on you. Saying yes is so easy … until suddenly, you discover you’re buried.


      • Yes, unless you just keep an eye on yourself so you don’t get taken by surprise–at least I try to. Ya never know, as a friend of mine wold say. Keep up the good work! Tasha


  3. Blame the dogs!! They’re usually guilty of something and will lie about it.


  4. LOL I love this post. In my case I know exactly who to blame for getting me addicted to blogging – you. I’ve been at it now for just over a year and am just a few posts away from my 1,000th. Now, I never have enough photos for today’s post. I feel awful if I can’t put up at least one. It’s an addiction I tell you, a blooming addiction. I never go anywhere without a camera, just in case I can grab a snap I can use for the days entry. Folks at Burger King are always smiling at me. I’m on a first name basis with all the zoo workers and a few dozen of the visiting public. I’ve got folks walking up to me that I don’t recognize to thank me for pictures I sent them of their kids. I’m constantly restocking my wallet with contact business cards. I’m lucky I print my own.

    Thanks Marilyn, for a great blog and for getting me addicted to it. I’m looking around for my next victim. LOL


    • I feel guilty if I don’t write and post stuff every day. I take lots more photos than I used to because I go through a huge abount of material to feed my hungry blog. I’m glad I’m not alone in my addiction. Is there a Bloggers Anonymous? A 12-step program for blog withdrawal? I take a laptop on the road when we travel. I can’t NOT post something. I don’t think I would be able to sleep! I guess it IS my fault. Drat!


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