A Twofer for Moi! Word Press Family Member (In need of washing) Plus The Sunshine Award

A huge thank you goes to Draliman on Life who obviously thinks better of me than I deserve. One award is a big deal, but a twofer … and two I’ve never received before. Thus he honors me while depriving me of bloggers to whom I might pass these awards. I mean, there oughtta be a law, y’know?

I was going to defer doing this until I next come up for air. But I started counting on my fingers (consider it a fleshy abacus with limited functionality, but infinite availability) and realized it might easily be the end of August or even September before I find a space in time. I might as well just do it.

I’ve been broadening my reading, writing, reviewing, picture-taking and enjoying the results immensely, but collapsing under the weight of committment to so many deadlines. They don’t call them deadlines for nuffin’! Yoicks. Why do I do this to me? Truly I am my own worst enemy. I’ve been enthusiastically saying YES my whole life. So you’d think I’d have learned something. Apparently not so much. Old Dogs (or Bitches, in my case) can learn new things, but are not so good at unlearning old bad habits. Woof.

Whining time is officially over.

Sunshine AwardNK-1

On to the accepting portion of the program. The two awards with which I’ve been honored are the Sunshine Award — which I assume has to do with spreading light and joy throughout cyberspace. I’m not sure I’m such a ray of sunshine, but I take pretty pictures and say something fun now and again. Maybe that’s what counts. Note I’ve created a shiny new badge ’cause the old one was getting a bit droopy.

The rules for the Sunshine Award require me to answer a few questions. These are not mind bending quizzie things, so I think I can get through them unscathed. And … I can do it with pictures! Yay! Yah? I’ve taken a few liberties because some of the questions were meaningless to me, so I didn’t include them. You’re welcome to add anything you want, however.

Favourite colour?75-RainbowNK-2

Favourite animal?

Bonnie Resting

Big Guy


Favourite number?


Favourite non-alcoholic drink?

Mr. Coffee

My passion?

Our books say a lot about us ... maybe too much.



Prefer getting or giving presents?

Be sure to close the barn door on your way out
Favourite days of the week?

Mayan calendar
Favourite flower?

summer flowers

The second award is the WordPress Family award. I am definitely a part of this family, but apparently Mom and Dad at WordPress don’t approve of me. I’m the kid (every family has one) about whom they speak in whispers behind closed doors. With 80,000 hits, more than 350 followers plus well over 1000 posts, I have never written or posted a single thing worthy of Freshly Pressed.


I think I’ll survive the slight though I remain forever un-fresh, un-pressed and unheralded. I embrace my cyber family and joyfully contribute to daily prompts in photography and writing, though I’m stale as old coffee. Ah, but when I think of all my pals on the humongous cyber blogsite in the sky, my virtual sun shines again!

WordPress Family Award

YOU guys, you out there …. you’ve all been so kind and so welcoming. You’ve changed my world in all the good ways worlds want changing. It makes the effort a joy rather than a burden, gives me a focus for my days (and my nights, as often as not).

Here are the rules for the WordPress Family award:

1. Display the award logo on your blog. Done!

2. Link back to the person who nominated you. Done again!

3. I will nominate 10 others who I think deserve notice. That’s 10 combined for both awards, right? Because 20 is over the top. I want to point out if we keep requiring every recipient to pass it on to 10 or more bloggers, every blogger will have received every award many times over. This is effectively a pyramid scheme, a chain letter. It can’t keep expanding forever.

Many of the people to whom I want to give awards have just gotten them, from me or someone else. I have a suspicion they won’t consider another an honor. More a lot of work for which they don’t have time. Maybe it’s time to consider making sensible modifications to these awards. ALL the awards. Before no one wants them.

4. I will advise my 10 awardees of that I have awarded them. But it’s going to take a while.

5. This is it. The big moment. Ten — that’s 10 — friends who blog. I’m spreading love. I got it. A minyan.

All of you, heads up! You, at the computer. Don’t look around, I’m talking to you.

I’m giving you two awards. You may choose to ignore them, acknowledge them or pass them along to whoever you feel would genuinely like to receive them. And deserves them.

To my friends who have gotten every single award I’ve gotten, often at the same time — I’m not going to name you again. I love you as much as ever, but I understand you’ve got lives and obligations. Maybe even a family and a job. If you genuinely want more awards, let me know because I’m not sure how many of you see this as an honor versus how many wish I’d take my awards and disappear. I love you, I really do, but I don’t wish to burden you.

The Bookshelf of Emily


Lasers, Monsters, and Barbarians, Oh My!

Films and Things

My Beautiful Things

Fish of Gold

The Queen Creative

Iam Who Iam

Catnip of Life

Sunday Night Blog

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21 replies

  1. Congratulations to you and thanks from me. I love your favourite number which is also mine! Long live Douglas Adams! 🙂


  2. I love your blog! I’m happy to accept your nomination on behalf of The Queen Creative which is really just, ya know, me and the hubs, but I like how official it looks. 😀 I’m so glad we stumbled upon each other in the blogosphere and, for what it’s worth, when TQC was Freshly Pressed it sent only 3 followers and 17 additional hits our way… all other traction was from Rarasaur. Thanks for the award and congrats on yours! 😀


    • Thank you. Again. I just figured you know, new place, you need something to hang on the walls:-)

      For me, FP it isn’t about getting traffic. I’ve got traffic and a super good, supportive followering. I just want acknowledgement and I’m puzzled why not? What am I doing — in their eyes — wrong? Not clever enough? Don’t write well? Wrong subjects? Too many subjects? Too much photography? Lack of focus? Too many adverbs? ADHD? It’s like having a parent you can never please, but won’t tell you what you did wrong. Turns out, you resemble their aunt who whacked them when they were 6. Maybe I knew someone — and pissed them off — at WP in a former life. Who knows? (The Shadow knows.)


  3. Congratulations young Lady, you deserve your awards!!
    You can’t argue with draliman, he is brainiac!!!


    • Thank you!! Before I got old and stupid, I had brains too. Now, I remember having brains, but apparently have lost them 🙂

      On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 12:59 AM, SERENDIPITY


  4. THANK YOU!!!!!!


  5. I love the way you answered the questions in pictures!
    Believe me, your lovely pictures do spread sunshine around the web (at least for me!).


    • Thanks. I do try. And thanks again because so do you. I bought myself a Wacom tablet so I could try some cartoons too. I just haven’t quite figured out how to get the pictues from the tablet to the blog!


      • The tablet I used acted like a mouse – I used it to draw in Paintshop Pro, then just saved the picture and uploaded it.
        It takes a lot of getting used to though – hence I am still drawing in pen and scanning the pictures in!


  6. Congratulations you deserve it.


  7. You really deserve them. You’ve been working so hard, truly you’ve earned them.



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