That’s why they call it a trunk!

75-ItsATrunkNK-2This is the only photograph I have ever published that I took on my cell phone. It was taken on my old Blackberry — my beloved, long gone, and oh how much I miss it, Blackberry. It’s one of no more than half a dozen pictures I’ve ever taken on a cell phone!

These days, I carry a camera everywhere I go, so if I were to encounter this car tomorrow, I could grab the shot on my Canon point and shoot. I’m not sure it would have come out different, but maybe. Maybe not. Given the location — the grocery store parking lot — I’m not sure what else I could have done with the picture. What do you think?

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  1. Can’t keep up with the photography lingo. But, I also love the faded/aged look around the edges. Maybe a sepia or monochrome add? Great car!! There’s an opening at the Daily Planet. Just don’t call me “Chief”.


    • I took it on my Blackberry outside Hannaford. I think that qualifies this as HIGHLY non technical 🙂

      On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 11:27 AM, SERENDIPITY


  2. I love the fading effect you’ve used around the edges. It’s that and the perspective/angle you’ve used that make the picture so good (in my opinion), not the camera used!
    When in Wales last week (more pictures to come!) I also used a Canon point and click which I bought many years ago (Powershot A470) simply because it’s more convenient than my phone.


    • Thank you! I worked really hard on that fading thing. It took a lot of filters, trial and error. I wanted to fade out the edges — what could be a more unattractive backdrop than a parking lot? But that’s where the car was … and the phone was all I had with me.

      The A470 was a GREAT camera. I had the A450 and then the A470 which I would still have, but my DIL dropped it. That was when I discovered Canon discontinued the A line. My son was still using the A450 until a couple of weeks ago when it finally started to lose functions.

      I have the Canon Powershot S100 (LOVE it) and I had the sx260, but gave it to my son when the A450 started dying. I have another P&S — an Olympus — that has a superzoom. I don’t much like the camera, but wow, what a lens. If you need a really long lens, like 800 mm, it’s got it. Otherwise, it’s a clunker.

      Phones aren’t cameras. They are hard to focus, zoom, crop. And slow. Limited. Cameras are a tool for pictures. Maybe they should just add a crappy telephone to a good little P&S camera. Just a thought:-)

      On Thu, Jun 27, 2013 at 12:47 AM, SERENDIPITY


      • That’s a good idea, a camera with a phone function! Cameras on phones are terrible to use!
        My Canon is great and so cheap – I think when I bought it years ago it was already end of line and only cost about 50 quid.
        How did you do the fading – is it Photoshop or something like that?


        • It’s one of the NIK filters which I use in conjunction with Photoshop, but you can use the filters with almost any of the well know photo editing packages, like Corel of PS Elements. They had a special deal on the filters … all four sets for $150, so I grabbed them. I use all of them a LOT. I don’t know if my pictures are better, but I can do all kinds of neat artistic stuff with them.


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