For The Promptless – Cryptozoology: Pesky Pixy Problems


One of these days I’ll catch them.

This isn’t the first time our house pixies have taken my stuff and hidden it. My favorite necklace disappeared for nearly two years, eventually reappearing at the bottom of my husband’s sock drawer. My beaded earrings vanished, emerging a year later from inside the piano bench. My binoculars left their shelf, ultimately materializing in the back of the kitchen cupboard behind the oatmeal.

I consulted the wise women in my life — my best friend, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. All of them agreed. Pixies did it. There was no other rational explanation.


Pixies are not evil, but they are mischievous. Little pranksters. They sneak around the house at night and hide things in strange places. More to the point, they hide my things. I have been patient with them. Good-natured. I’ve kept my sense of humor through years of pixie-related criminal activity.

But now, they’ve gone too far. Today I went to get dressed and all my bras were gone. The stretchy sports bras I wear around the house under tee shirts are where they should be, but all the nice ones from Victoria’s Secret are gone. All of them. The white ones, the beige ones, the black ones. The expensive ones.

more pixies

Even at my most paranoid, I do not believe anyone in this house would steal my underwear. It wouldn’t fit anyone and if we’d been burglarized, I think they’d have taken jewelry or antiques, not undergarments.

I went through every drawer of both my dressers. Even though we haven’t gone on a vacation in nearly a year (and I’ve worn them since then), I searched all my overnight bags. I also searched the shelf in my closet. Nothing.

The pixies are at it again.

We were on our way to a birthday party, so after an hour of futile searching, I finally gave up and wore whatever I could find that wouldn’t show  under my lovely new scoop neck blouse. How come the pixies never mess with Garry’s stuff (though my necklace did turn up in his sock drawer)? Probably that’s why he doesn’t take me seriously. He said I shouldn’t worry because everything would all show up somewhere. Missing stuff always does. Eventually. But it can be a long time. Regardless, we had to leave. No more time to search and nowhere to look I hadn’t already checked at least twice.


Why can’t we have well-mannered pixies who clean the house while we sleep? Nice, friendly pixies. Helpful pixies. Pixies who cook, deliver groceries, wash cars or groom dogs.

Pixies, you are on notice! I will find you and make you return my underwear. Look out pesky pixies! I’m coming for you.

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  1. The pixies that tend house are actually called brownies. But regardless of that fact, have you tried fairy treats? All fair folk love to be given treats and it will help to put you in their good graces. 🙂


    • Honey? Strawberries? Brownies sounds racist 😉 Or like baby girl scouts!


      • They’re called brownies because they are brown and furry. They are also the shyest of fairy creatures and will leave if you give them too much attention.

        Honey and berries (preferably in season) are excellent choices. I usually go with Fairy Honey Cakes (sweetened pancakes dipped in honey and topped with edible flowers). Chocolate also works but can have the unwanted side effect of the pixies becoming addicted.


        • I shall try strawberries on the counters. I think the dogs are forever chasing them away. I am sure when they seem to be barking furiously at nothing, it isn’t nothing. It’s just something we can’t see 🙂 But THEY see.


  2. So, the dryer doesn’t eat socks, huh? BTW HELP! How do you lure a snake so one can get it OUT of the bedroom? Yep, my latest uninvited guest…saw it but it vanished all to quickly.

    I finally got the awards posted. You should have the notification already. Thank you, my dear friend ❤


  3. I’m innocent!! I just do the laundry. I always check the washer and dryer. You can’t send me to the Big House on this one. It’s blatantly something!


  4. Apparently we made two errors: (1), not being born in Iceland, and (2), failing, once we had realized our initial error, to attend Elf School, where Pixies must surely be addressed in the curriculum.


  5. Thanks for writing from where you are. Just putting yourself out there–even if you’re just talking about missing underwear. It gives others of us permission to put ourselves out there too.


    • I had to decide whether to write this one. I decided that especially at my age, underwear was just not that intimate, not reallly. Look at the ads on TV! They practically — well, you know. Besides, I want the pixies to know I’m serious.


  6. I’m SO using the pixie excuse from now on. Nothing wrong with MY memory 😉


  7. Haha! Do you wash them in one of those lingerie bags? Maybe they’re all together somewhere? 🙂 The bras, not the pixies, of course. 😀 House pixies are always shuffling my things about, and never doing my work for me like the elves in that shoemaker story. 🙂


  8. Oh no! Did you check the washing machine?
    You’ll have to set up a “sting” to catch one of the pixies and force him to tell you where all your underwear went. You could put him in the washing machine and threaten to turn it on if his mates don’t cough up the goods.


    • It’s the sting that’s the issue. If I could just get the two terriers to cooperate … Once I grab one, shaking him down seems the easy part. There’s always (heh heh) iron or steel. They don’t like that, you know.



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