Church by the Tracks

The railroad — the Grafton-Upton line — crosses in front of the Unitarian church on Grafton Commons. The tracks pass the church just a few feet from its front door then cross Main Street and move off into the woods. The tracks are so close to the church you have to walk on them as if they were a sidewalk to get from the back to the front of the church. When the train ran more often, it must have shaken the entire church when it passed by.  That was when the train was an important part of the life of the town and the valley.

Now, of course, the train runs but once a week … a mere memory of what was when the Blackstone Valley was a major hub of industry in America.

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  1. Lovely photos – a lovely place to walk around now but I can’t imagine being in the church as the trains passed by. 🙂


    • Well, nowadays, it’s no big deal since the top speed on the tracks is 5mph (really). Not likely to shake anything up, though I should think the noise level might be a bit much. But the train only runs on Saturdays, so maybe it doesn’t matter. It is a pleasant town to look at, though not all the people in it are so pleasant.


  2. Great photos to compliment an interesting post.


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