Weekly Photo Challenge: Home In the Earliest Golden Hour

This is my home. A sequence of pictures taken in the first hour of sunlight a few days ago. The final picture was taken from the road. Look for the sign that displays our house number. We put it up because no one, including us, could find our house from the road in the summer without something to mark the driveway. Sun comes at this angle in July for about 40 minutes starting just before 6:00 am. Then it quickly rises and is blocked by the canopy of the oaks.

You can barely see our pond hidden deep in the woods. I used a very long lens to get those two pictures. It is nearly impossible to physically walk to the pond. The ground is rocky and uneven. There is no path. The ground is choked with blackberry brambles and poison ivy (which I am trying very hard to not scratch). The creatures who live in the woods go there to drink and happily consume the blackberries along the way. I’m sure the berries are yummy. I wouldn’t know since I’ve never gotten any before the birds and other fruit-loving critters consumed them all.

Finally, we breed world-class mosquitoes in the pond and are their lifeblood. Add that to the poison ivy. Serious itching. Very serious. My doctor suggested I stay clear of the woods. (Scratch, scratch, scratch …) How would I do that? Just asking.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home In the Earliest Golden Hour”

    1. If only I could minus those mosquitoes. The town stopped spraying some years ago, which is fine because it was poisoning more than mosquitoes. But, with the simultaneous demise of the entire bat population, the mosquitoes have taken over. We need collars like we put on on our dogs and cats to repel skeeters from US!!


  1. Great representation of the golden hour and challenge from your home, must have some lovely walks.
    I’m inviting you to join us on a regular photo tour link up on Mondays called Travel Photo Mondays, take a look


    1. Where are you? Physically in this world? I’ll try to find you, but if you send me a link, that would be great!

      It is a challenge. The trees block the view in all four directions. There’s a very short window of opportunity — less than an hour — when I can get a [oece of sun and sky. But it’s home, so I have unlimited chances to keep trying. It’s MUCH easier to catch the sunrise in the winter when the trees are bare … but sometimes I can’t get out my back door. The snow piles up and blocks it. This past winter, after the first big snow in December, I couldn’t get onto the back deck (it faces east into the woods and is the only good view) until the snow melted in March. I got GREAT snow pictures though 🙂


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