American Alphabet

A is for Arizona, with Big Skies and deep canyons …

Painted Desert

B is for Boston, a great city in every season …

Citco sign over Feway is part of the panarama of Boston.

C is for Coney Island. Chills, thrills and a beach too.


D is for diner … the best place to eat on the road …


E is for elections held all over our land …


F is for Florida, where traffic flows across the causeway …


G is for Gettysburg, where a big battle was fought and tourists are always welcome.

Main St., Gettysburg

H is for home, where most journeys begin.

A home

I is for Ireland and theย Isle of Innisfree.


J is for jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

K is for kitchen, where food is prepared. Or not.

Morning light in my kitchen as coffee brews ...

L is for Lone Ranger, my childhood hero who roamed the early west with Tonto, his faithful companion.


M is for marina, where the boats wait and the sea calls.


N is for Nathan’s where the best hot dogs await you!


O is for Ogunquit, the Maine beach of sunrise over the Atlantic.


P is for the Painted Desert where storm clouds gather but do not break.


Q is for Quaker, the meeting-house down the road where peace reigns and songs of Thanksgiving are sung.


R is for railroad, disappearing but still alive, if you search for them.


S is for Symphony Hall where music fills the air.


T is for Tombstone, where the Earps and Doc Holliday’s ghosts still linger.


U is for unicorn. I’m sure they exist. They merely are hiding … so let’s go and hunt!

Rhett with Unicorn

V is for vintage, old things that remember the roads.


W is for Williamsburg, an old town brought back to life.

Williamsburg Lane

X marks the spot and a cross-road of life and of roads.


Y is for yellow, the color of summer wildflowers by every roadside.


Z is for Zeus, pretending to be a swan. Poor Leda, did her parents believe her?

Zeus the Swan

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35 replies

  1. Hi, Marilyn. I thoroughly enjoyed your American Alphabet!


  2. This was a great way to interpret the prompt!
    Such beautiful photos – I recognise quite a few from your previous posts. This would make a more educational “A-Z” for a school rather than the traditional “A is for apple” etc.


    • I really wanted to do a road show … different cities, scenes from travels, cars, trucks and other things in motion. i kind of got stopped by not having the right images for all the letters. I seem to have spent way too much time in As, Ps, Cs, Ws, Bs and Gs. Not nearly enough in Y, Z, Q, I, S and the dreaded X. But it was fun and I may yet change a few pictures. I need a good S place … one where I’ve actually visited and taken pictures ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Great idea for this challenge.. I like what you did…


    • Originally, I wanted to do a road trip … a different place or type of travel for each letter, but discovered I had lots of some letters and nothing for others, so I had to do a little compromising. It was fun trying ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

      On Sat, Jul 27, 2013 at 10:38 PM, SERENDIPITY


  4. Only this week I was wondering which was the beautiful beach in your photo. Now I have found out! Lovely post. Sue


  5. This is terrific. Pictures were taken all by you, except a few? That is really stunning. I appreciate the photography. This is an exceptional response to the Daily Prompt!


    • Thanks. It was an interesting exercise. I was wondering how I was going to deal with X … but Z turned out to be the bigger challenge. I was trying to use just my own pictures, though I did use one commercial shot of the Lone Ranger (I couldn’t help myself). Almost went for Zorro on Z, but finally thought of Leda and the swan — and Zeus as a swan — and went with that since I had no photos of Zeus personally. Darn those sneaky Olympians. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚


      • LOVE this thoughtful and creative post!! Thought you might’ve gone elsewhere with G and VERY surprised Zorro didn’t make it as Z.


        • I was trying to not go in expected direction, which is why B isn’t Bonnie, N isn’t Nan, U isn’t Uxbridge, G isn’t Garry and M isn’t ME! As for Zorro, he was the sentimental choice, but I was trying to use my own pictures and having never met the big Z, I went with Zeus as a swan ๐Ÿ™‚ For that matter, L isn’t Love!


  6. Beautiful post! So much put into it!


  7. I really enjoyed going through the alphabet with you. Wonderful photos!!! great job!


  8. Gigantische WEITEN…Gigantsiche Bilder…HERZlichst ANDREA:))


    • And if I understood German, I would happily respond. Sorry, but thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Good evening
        have you subscribed to, if you also subscribe to me you can find me better in the reader and there see my older articles, and if like like.The eye is as you know.Let …auch inspire my images when I have written much on German, you can enter it with your naked eye.
        My name is Andrea and come from Oberhausen is located in North Rhine-Westphalia.
        And what’s your name?
        Your pictures are great, are great, I think it’s all good, the colorful parrots are very very toll…ich am looking forward to more.
        These are pictures from their homeland?
        Where exactly are you from.
        To have beautiful they made in the wide Univerum.
        All the best for you and your family
        Wish you have a pleasant Tag.Herzlichst Andrea


        • Almost all the pictures were taken by me. The exceptions are the Lone Ranger and the train, which was taken my my son. Otherwise, they are all mine, taken on various vacations or shot locally in the Blackstone Valley where I live and in other places around New England.

          I have never been to continental Europe, though I lived in Israel for 9 years. I have visited England, Ireland and Wales. Also many place in the Caribbean. I don’t have pictures of all the places I’ve been … many photographs and all my negatives were lost over the years. I always wanted to visit Europe. My husband traveled Europe extensively when he was younger and as a reporter, traveled to Vietnam and other places.

          Now we are retired. We can’t afford to travel: no money. So I travel with my eyes, by looking at other people’s pictures. I will visit your site and I thank you very much for liking my pictures. I enjoy taking them!


          • Good morning Sunday,
            Thank you for your comment on me.How can not travel because we lack the nรถtoge Kelingeld, the Baker that I travel in the vast universe on the WP pages see I is also that in the thought.Your pictures are beautiful.If you have subscribed to me, you can track better older posts in the reader and like if like.With us it was today once again too hot bedeckt…ist it clearly for the days.They have a nice Sunday…Sincerely Andrea



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