How sweetly they sing …

From Wild for Wildlife and Nature.

Our fur kids like to sing along with “Amazing Grace.” And it seems so appropriate for them!

10 thoughts on “How sweetly they sing …

  1. Ah, The Lobo Tabernacle Choir performing “Sweet Mystery Of Life”. And, as I write with dawn breaking over our Valley, the furry kids here are joined in 4 part harmony. I hope our neighbors are music lovers.


    • I wish I’d taken it. It’s from the “Wild for Wildlife and Nature” page on Facebook. They have some amazing pictures. They encourage people to re-post their photos and link to their site, which I gladly do. I may be conflicted religiously, politically, and emotionally, but I have no ambivalence about wildlife: I love all the furry 4-legged citizens of Earth. And the not so furry ones, too.


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