Weekly Photo Challenge: Snow Sky and the Day After


Mid afternoon, the day before the biggest snow in 20 years — 29 inches fell that night in the valley, but more in other places not far away including Boston which got more than 30 inches — the sky had that peculiar luminosity that we call “a snow sky” in New England. Probably everywhere. There was already some snow cover from earlier snows. That’s what it’s like here. From first snow, as early as October until whenever spring decides to come … anytime from March through late April … the ground is white.



17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Snow Sky and the Day After

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  3. Looks pretty when it falls. But – to drive in or clean up – YUK!
    Thankfully – hubby & the kids take care of the clearing the snow part 🙂


    • Just messing with tones and focus until it looked the way I thought it really should look. That’s the fun part of processing, just messing with them until you say “That’s IT!”


  4. Good evening
    You’re yes snow with you?Ohhhhh beautiful cold a nice cooling for the hot summer we have here right now.
    Wish you a nice Donnerstag.Herzlichst ANDREA :))


    • Me too. That strange sky … and the smell of snow in the air. You can smell it. Different than rain, but we all recognize it. And of course, how could you miss it with the hysterical weather people on TV acting like getting a big snow storm is such an amazing unheard of event. It’s New England. It snows here in the winter. Sometimes, a LOT. Sometimes not so much, but mostly? A lot. This was even more than usual (for one storm, anyhow) but only by a couple of inches and total snowfall for the season was, well, a lot but normal. I was glad to get the light. Funny, because I had the photograph since last february and never did anything with it. It got missed.


        • Sometimes it pays to just shuffle through the files and see what’s lying around. I’ve found quite a few forgotten but interesting pictures. I shoot much more than makes any sense at the time because with digital, why not? But I don’t process everything and then other stuff comes up. Like a bank account you forgot you opened 🙂


          • Yes, I think photos are more than the sum of their parts, especially re-found ones. They open up mental pathways often in ways that words do not. They’re a good route into the subconscious compost heap, and in that way are brilliant creative triggers. I think that’s why photos and text are so popular on Word Press.


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