My son was born on the 7th of May. The lilacs bloomed that week, down on Long Island where we lived.


All my friends and family who visited brought lilacs. Their scent filled the room.


The smell of lilacs makes me feel young and reminds me of May 1969, when the lilacs bloomed.


Daily Prompt: Lilacs

20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lilacs

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  5. Beautiful & what a relaxing scent! My parents have a hug fence of lilacs across their yard. When I lived there I used to enjoy having the windows open during the time that they bloomed. The scent would travel through the house like natural aromatherapy!


    • We had a huge, old lilac here that was tall enough to arch over the yard. One or two hurricanes ago, an oak tree fell on it. It wasn’t the first time a tree had fallen on it, but it was the last. It didn’t recover. I miss it a lot.


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