The World’s Most Powerful Soccer Mom Vampire – Samantha Moon Rising, by J.R. Rain

Samantha Moon Rising, by J.R. Rain includes 3 short novels and a short story.

Under one cover, you’ll find books 5, 6, and 7 in the Vampire for Hire Series: Vampire Dawn, Vampire Games, Moon Island, and the short story Teeth.

BenBella Books — Publication Date May 21, 2013

I was really happy to have the opportunity to review this collection. I read the first four books when I had just gotten my first Kindle and they were on sale, whipped right through them and looked for more. Alas, there were no more and I grumpily moved on.

A couple of years have passed and lo and behold, she’s back. And wow, is she back. More powerful than a locomotive. Maybe more powerful than two locomotives and not merely able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, but able to fly long distances on her very own, powerful wings. Okay,  she’s not really human when she’s flying having morphed into “something else” which I glean is more or less bat-like, but still and all … she can fly. She can do a lot of things. Read minds. Send mind messages. Control other people’s minds. Beat the crap out of almost anyone, human or other.

But she’s still a total wimp about her kids … but her kids are growing up. Fast and they aren’t your ordinary kids, either.

Her ex is still a total sleaze, but hey, what are exes for, right? She’s more than a vampire. Much more. She has powers and abilities well beyond the ordinary and she is beginning to realize what she knows she can do is the tip of a very large iceberg of power she has barely tapped. It may turn out that Samantha Moon will be the most powerful of her kind — ever. Because she is changing and growing and learning … and so are her children and even the friends and family who are in frequent contact with her. It turns out that power is contagious.

She retains her ambivalence about her peculiar condition. There are aspects of it she loves. There’s nothing like a good long fly to clear ones head and her physical strength and ability to virtually instantly heal from injury is nothing to sneer at. But she knows her powers come from a foreign entity who lives as a parasite in her … an “other” who is not the kind of creature she would welcome into her parlor, much less her body. She has a lot to sort out. In the mean time, there are crimes to solve and wrongs to right — and Samantha Moon is the vampire to do it.

These are short books. Too long to be novellas, but not really long enough for me to consider them full-length novels. Having three of them under one cover is much more satisfying. I could dig in and read my way through to the end. These are very smooth reading and quite addictive. The characters are unique, interesting, with enough back story for long contemplation. A bit of philosophy, arcane history, modern mystery, some love and cuddly sex … and you have a formula that will keep you up until dawn is breaking. I lost some serious sleep reading this book — or maybe books.

No, it’s not deathless literature, but it’s very well written, smooth as silk. The characters are unique. Highly recommended and I do hope that more books are on the way!!

Samantha Moon Rising follows your favorite suburban-mother vampire to where she’s never gone before as she tackles her most frightening cases yet.

Book 1: Vampire Dawn – Someone is leaving victims drained of blood, and all signs point to a killer vampire. At the same time, Samantha’s son is undergoing some astounding changes. He’s becoming a little super guy and she needs to understand what this means. But her work is keeping her busy, tracking down a serial murderer. Soon, another ancient medallion will change her world …

Book 2: Vampire Games – Samantha Moon is investigating the strange death of a popular boxer. She realizes the official story doesn’t add up; there’s a lot more going on than reports indicate. A talk with the M.E. confirms her suspicions and as she uncovers the young fighter’s past, she comes face-to-face with an unexpected evil. Samantha has to confront the growing supernatural powers of those near and dear to her and the unexpected betrayal of someone she has come to trust, maybe love.

Book 3: Moon Island — In a very Agatha Christie setting, Samantha and her new best friend travel to a private and remote island off the Pacific coast. Here she must hunt not merely a killer, but an entity of enormous and evil power who has been murdering members of one family for generations. Still struggling to understand what she has become and is becoming, she realizes that this creature is personally targeting her,  threatening to destroy her and those about whom she most cares.

Available in paper back. So far, I could not find the three-in-one version on Kindle. Probably it will become available. In the meantime, you can buy the paperback and you can buy each of the books included as a separate Kindle download. Worth it, no matter how you do it.

On the non-existence of time

TimeTravelMy husband and I got to arguing about whether changing a single event could change — even derail — the course of history.

I think it’s possible. A small change at the just the right time could alter the outcome of something much bigger. If Queen Victoria had ordered her staff to clean up the drains of Windsor Castle — long-known as a breeding ground for typhoid — Albert would not have died when he did … and Victoria would have been a different woman and queen. And possibly, British imperialism might have followed a different course. How much would have changed? Not everything … but not nothing, either.

If Lincoln had not been assassinated, maybe some of the worst of the post Civil War divisions and hatred might have been averted. If King George had said “Fine. They can vote as British citizens. As long as they pay their taxes.” If the captain of the Titanic had slowed down and spotted the iceberg before hitting it.

nasa time machine

In our personal lives we see where had we chosen differently, many things down the line would be changed. In world history too, there are intersections. Moments when events collide, paths cross, times when history could march left, right or reverse direction.

Garry doesn’t agree. He thinks whatever happened was inevitable. With or without Prince Albert, the world was marching towards disaster. Had Lincoln lived, served his second term, he thinks the racial divisions and hatred in this country would have been unchanged. Maybe delayed by a few years, but no more than that.

TIME_MACHINEASSY_1We could have argued until dawn but other than sheer speculation, there’s no way to know. For this kind of speculation, we have science fiction and its peculiar sub-genre — alternate history. Unless, of course, we find a wormhole in time and step through.

I’m fascinated by time travel. I believe the history of everything would be completely changed had cell phones been invented earlier. If I were a time traveler, I’d give the world mobile communications technology around the time when the Greek city states were getting organized. Then I’d go back to my now and watch history unravel.

Time doesn’t exist. It’s a concept, not a thing. Which is why we can’t travel back to it. It isn’t a place. Time is a construct. It’s how we keep track of events, personally and globally. You can’t go back to a time and place in the past because it isn’t there. The future isn’t there either. Only the present exists and it’s a moving target.

delorean time machineWhich brings me back to our argument. Garry was right. By definition what happened is what had to happen The proof? It can never be changed. Everything that has ever happened was the only thing that could have happened. I can argue the other side, too. Arguments in which no one can possibly win are my favorites.

And that’s why I love time travel. Because it’s impossible.