Serendipitous Photo Ops — Big Car Show in Mendon

I had a doctor’s appointment in Upton. It’s about 6 miles away and normally takes me 20 minutes to get there. I usually leave half an hour because it’s all local roads and it’s road repair season in New England.


But today, traffic was stopped. Like everyone’s tires had been super-glued to the road from Uxbridge all the way through Milford.

It turned out … they were having a car and motorcycle show in Mendon.


We are not renowned for entertainment in the Valley. Carnivals don’t come here any more, though they used to. Maybe the carnivals are gone and that’s why they don’t come. Or may it’s because the town sold the fair grounds to a private developer. That could be the answer. Thus a big car show — this was a large one by any standards — draws a huge crowd. And everyone has to get there via Route 16.

Which doesn’t mean that other people, like us, didn’t also need to use the road. Hah. Fat chance.


Route 16, which is the main route from one part of Blackstone Valley to anywhere else is two lanes. One in each direction. When it bogs down, it backs up for miles in both directions, which is exactly what it did. You can’t go around because we don’t have many roads. With so few roads, it’s hard to get lost in the Valley even if you have no sense of direction. The paucity of roads makes it hard to get lost, but close to impossible to find alternate routes from town to town. Essentially, there are none. You can make huge loops that take you miles out of your way, but it’s not really an alternate route … just a long circuitous detour.


So, while we were sitting in traffic, occasionally moving forward a few feet, I opened the window, stuck my head outside and took some pictures as we crawled past. All of these pictures were shot from a slowly moving car through the open window.


These are the ultimately serendipitous photographs. I was using a long telephoto lens, which accounts for the odd perspective. But interesting. Almost abstract.


I couldn’t get shots of most of the cars … too much stuff in the way, but I got some of the motorcycles and other attractions. It’s what to do when you’re stuck in traffic … and why I always carry a camera.


Blood Evidence

I watch too many shows about murders and forensics. NCIS, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, Body of Evidence and so many more. I’ve seen an awful lot of people convicted on blood evidence. I know how incriminating traces of a victim’s blood can make someone look.

Day 74 - K is for Knife

This evening, while making dinner, I nicked myself with a paring knife. This isn’t an unusual event. I am not nearly careful enough in the kitchen. I have a bad habit of slicing off the tips of fingers, stabbing myself, then bleeding all over the place. I used to joke that the blood of the cook was mixed in the food, but it wasn’t entirely untrue. My son and my husband both have been known to pull knives out of my hands and chop the veggies themselves because watching me using a knife made them unbearably nervous.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t bleed so much, but I do. This is ironic indeed because when I go for tests at the hospital, they can never find a vein or get any blood out of me. I have suggested I just bring a paring knives, slice open a finger and they can have more blood than they’ll know what to do with, but for some reason, they don’t find this suggestion nearly as funny as I do.

knives serious

Anyway, I nicked myself cutting up the chicken sausages. It wasn’t a bad cut as these things go and if I hadn’t been in the middle of preparing dinner while simultaneously fighting with the cable company on the telephone, I might have put a band-aid onto my finger faster. Then there wouldn’t have been drops of my blood all over the kitchen. It wasn’t a gusher. Merely a dribbler. Drip. Drip. Drip. Damn, not on my sweater. Blood is so hard to get out of clothing.

After I finally got the food going. I put the knife down, ended the phone call, still snarling at Charter Cable. I really hate those bastards. I made my way to the cupboard, managed to get the blood flow stopped. That was the moment when I realized my blood is all over the kitchen.

It’s from this little nick and all the other cuts, nicks and stabs when I was slicing, dicing, mincing or paring. CSI would have a field day in our kitchen.

If anything ever happens to me and my poor guiltless husband is accused of a crime, they’ll find my blood everywhere. The poor dear will look guilty as hell and all he’s ever done is try to protect me from myself. This is probably the right time point out many of my self stabbings take place while fighting an endless battles with shrink-wrap and other torturous types of packaging.

Knife rack

Have you ever tried to get a couple of blister-packed pills out of their containers in the middle of the night? It said “press here” and you do, but all it does is stretch, the urgently needed medication still out of reach.

I have found myself using  hemostats (I use them for stringing dolls; I am not a doctor for living people, only plastic ones) to pull cotton out of pill bottles, stabbing blister packs with tweezers (the only pointy things in my bathroom), using a steak knife to cut the plastic seals on a spray bottle, attacking packing tape with a hunting knife. I have two knives — a 4″ folding knife with a turquoise handle and a 5″ sheath knife with a deer antler handle. Nobody has taken them away from me yet, but that’s possibly because I hide them.

English: Inexpensive stamped steel and aluminu...

I cut myself regularly, but I also damage the contents of packages in my frenzied attempt to actually extract whatever is in there with any tools I have at hand. My favorite tool is a box cutter which I have used for things like prying the back off my Blackberry to get at the battery. It isn’t supposed to require special tools, but my Blackberry Torch was hermetically sealed against owner interference. Unfortunately, taking the back off and removing the battery is the only way to reboot the phone. I gave up and got an iPhone, not because I like the iPhone better. I don’t. I just couldn’t battle my way into the battery compartment one more time.

I do not set out to do myself injury, but in the contest of me against packaging, packaging is clearly winning.

Thus you can find traces of my blood everywhere I’ve ever opened a package and everywhere in my kitchen. You’ll find blood evidence on my computer keys, my mouse, my knives, tweezers and especially my beloved box cutter. I hide my box cutter, always afraid someone will take it from me in a pointless (sorry about the pun) attempt to save me from myself.

If CSI comes here, just show them this post. Maybe they won’t send anyone up for life on my behalf.