Full Moon, Blue Moon


Tonight’s full moon is the third of four that will occur this summer. Thus is the alternative and older definition of a Blue Moon.The modern definition of a Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month.

Either way, it’s a blue moon and a relatively rare occurrence.

This full moon is called a Sturgeon Moon. According to the old Farmer’s Almanac, tribes near the Great Lakes named this moon, identifying it as the best season for catching sturgeon.

I live in under a canopy of oaks. When I first looked for the moon this evening, it was invisible, behind the trees. When finally it was almost directly overhead — for about 90 seconds — I could see it though it was only a partial view. My lens was trying so hard to figure out on what to focus. With the leaves in the way, it could not quite get a fix on the moon, nor in the dark could it get a fix on the leaves. In that light, with my vision, manual focus was not in the equation.

But … that doesn’t mean the pictures aren’t interesting.

I tried as many settings as I could within such a short period. The pictures are interesting. Not traditional pictures of a full moon. Anyway, you can see plenty of them all over the Internet tonight. On the other hand, I’ll bet no one else’s moon shots look quite like these 🙂

Late summer flowers and morning light. With coffee.


The world is wonderfully photogenic from now until winter comes. Barring bad luck or unfortunate weather, I have more pictures waiting for my attention on my drives and chips than time to process them. Tonight, it’s a blue moon.

I don’t know if I will be able to get a clear shot through the canopy of trees … or if it will be clear enough to shoot at all, but I’m going to try. Meanwhile, though … the weather has been wonderful all week. Amazing. Perfect. Bright, beautiful, warm with just that hint of Autumn around the corner.


This was one of the mornings where I had a camera in hand before my first cup of coffee. It’s a little complicated shooting garden flowers and drinking coffee at the same time. Sooner or later, you have to put the cup down somewhere and use two hands.


75-AugFlowers-NK_ 11

Coffee is more than my morning beverage. It’s a ritual, the substance I shamelessly abuse. The smell of coffee brewing calls to me, luring me from wherever I may be to the kitchen. I have my personal cups. With fitted lids. I got tired of replacing keyboards. Now, everything I drink from, coffee or otherwise, has a lid.\

It has saved me, my computers and my clothing.


Haven’t lost a keyboard in an entire year. It’s a personal best.

The morning light issues called me more insistently than coffee. First to the deck, then down my brand new steps to the garden.

75-AugFlowers-NK_ 17

I love the feel of the old wood deck under my feet and will happily risk splinters for the sensual pleasure of that old wood. And I love my new steps!


Summer is drawing to its end. I hate to waste any of it. If I could, I’d be out with the camera from first light until exhaustion or dark, whichever came first. This was a very good day. Maybe tomorrow will be a good day too.