Daily Prompt: It’s not fake. It’s faux!

Some call it Gettysburg, but you can call it Tourist Haven. I do.

Here you can meet the local ghoul. Or is he a zombie? So hard to tell. He lives behind our motel. Fine faux design. It’s an excellent photo-op for those of us who have had trouble finding a cooperative ghoul or zombie to pose for that special vacation photograph!

Remember: It’s not fake. It’s faux. Faux, being French for fake, is much less sleazy. If you are going to an assignation with a fake ghoul or zombie, why not arrive in style, driving your faux horse? Note that the carriage is entirely real. Just the horse is plastic.

Yay for Tourist Haven! Happy vacationing.

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13 replies

  1. He’s a pretty gruesome-looking chap. Probably a good thing that he’s “faux”.


  2. oh … like Depp wuz a faux pirate.
    or … maybe that wuz fey. ?
    one ot those.


  3. Love it! Wouldn’t wish to meet him down a dark alley though!



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