In accepting The George Burns award for surprising achievement in not dying, I recognize it is a trifle premature. The year is not yet over, but I thank you all for your optimistic projections of a future in which I hope to be a living participant.

Thank you George Burns, for leading the parade to Longevity. Betty White may yet show you up! I think there’s a chance she will live forever. But then, I thought you’d never die either.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you all. No flowers, please, cash only.

George Burns Award

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  1. Bit tight on cash right now, but would you accept a musical tribute? Raising my glass to you.


    • My first musical tribute! Cool 🙂 Got back from the eye doctor … and my eyes are FINE. Something is FINE. I’m so excited! Nothing is wrong with my eyes (except needing glasses but that’s normal, not wrong). Extremely healthy eyes, I am assured. Something in my body is not falling apart! Yay, hurrah! And thanks for the music 🙂



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