September 12, 2013 – Broadcasting Hall of Fame

September 12, 2013 at noon at a hotel in Quincy, Massachusetts, Garry Armstrong will be inducted into the Massachusetts Broadcasting Hall of Fame. This is the real deal. A well-deserved and well-earned honor. I’m terribly proud of my amazing spouse.

hall of fame on stage

Garry Armstrong – A Career In Brief

Garry worked at Channel 7 for 31 years and became one of New England’s most recognized and respected television journalists in the process. Garry won three New England Emmy Awards in 1976, 1977, and 1978 for his reporting on Court-ordered desegregation of Boston (1976 & 1978) and on the Clamshell Alliance (1976). He was also recognized for his professional and community achievements by numerous organizations.

From 1970 to 2001, Garry Armstrong was among New England’s most easily recognized and respected television journalists. He covered breaking news, features and politics. He knew and was known by the players in Boston and throughout New England, in politics, education, the religious establishment and more. His extensive coverage of minority and ethnic issues and his reputation for fair-mindedness earned him a welcome in every community.

Garry_72_01Garry’s 31 years at Channel 7 spanned an era of tremendous upheaval. From huge anti-Vietnam war rallies to the massive city-wide disruption of court-ordered desegregation and busing, the Great Chelsea Fire, the tragic Delta crash at Logan Airport, the Great Blizzard of 1978, the rise and fall of legendary politicians, spectacular court cases—notably Claus Von Bulow—and the battle over nuclear-generated power in Seabrook, NH (the Clamshell Alliance). He rode with the Tall Ships and interviewed Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Queen Elizabeth II, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and President Clinton among others.

Garry won three New England Emmy Awards, two for his coverage of Court-ordered desegregation in Boston (1976 and 1978) and the Clamshell Alliance (1977).  He was also recognized for his professional and community achievements by numerous other organizations.

Wherever something important was happening in New England, Garry Armstrong was there.

Garry’s professional career began at the top as a writer/producer for national and international news at ABC Network in New York. He worked stateside and overseas, covered the fateful 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention, the Vietnam War from Vietnam and New York, and the Watts riots. His first day at ABC coincided with the outbreak of the 6-day war in the Middle East, perhaps symbolically heralding an extraordinary career to come.

After a 9-month stopover in Hartford, CT, Garry was invited to Boston where he spent the next three decades. He was not merely a reporter covering the news in Boston. He lived in Boston and loved the city… and the city loved him in return.

Garry, Me, and Bill Clinton

This is magic time for Garry. He did well and he did good for more than 40 years, 31 of them at Channel 7 in Boston. It’s a good day for star-dust. Congratulations.

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26 replies

  1. Congratulations! It sounds like he is well-deserving of it. Have fun tomorrow!


  2. You go Garry! And take Marilyn with you.


    • I think he is something of a nervous wreck, actually … but once he’s there, he’ll be fine. Just … it IS a big deal and he’s not the only big deal being inducted tomorrow. TV cameras, lots of VIPs … but probably — tada — RUBBER CHICKEN. I’m still trying to figure out which lens to put on my camera. I think I’m going to go with the 28 – 84 zoom and hope to covers the territory. Other women will have evening purses. I will have a camera bag 🙂


      • Rubber chicken? That sounds like a good all purpose lens for a crowd.


        • I swear all these events use the same caterer.

          You think? I am torn between that and using a less versatile but faster lens. I have no idea what lighting will be like … or for that matter, shooting conditions. I know it’s a sellout crowd (first time that’s ever happened … two of the other people being inducted are VERY big deals in the broadcasting world … one of them is a multi-millionaire who used to own the station Garry worked at … and does things like pay for Boston’s annual 4th of July fireworks. Another is one of Boston’s longest running anchors and he’s very ill and this is likely to be his last public event. Even we had more people who wanted to come than we had room at the table. Usually, you can get a second table or share a second table with someone else — in this case, I was lucky I could get a ticket for Garry’s brother


          • I would actually use a straight 28, and a fixed 50 for clarity and speed. But if the zoom is fast enough that could work too. Have fun. Drink too much.


            • Maybe. Don’t have a straight 28, but a 25. No 50, but a 90 … Maybe … thinking. Smoke, omg I’m on fire!


              • A 25 is even better than a 28. 90 is too big for a crowded room.
                Have fun.


                • I had fun 🙂 Now I have to get that nasty greenish cast out of everything, which is what you get for shooting ambient light without a filter or even thinking to reset the camera for indoor light. I wound up using mostly my 90 mm because it was the only one that could shoot under such low light and get real pictures. It was really dark. The event photogs brought some serious strobes … I didn’t (because I don’t own any!).


  3. As a MA resident and long-time viewer, congrats for this well-deserved honor!


    • Thanks. It’s going to be a good day. I’m sort of posting now because we’ll be gone all day tomorrow … for once, all good 🙂 It would be nice if it isn’t 100 degrees and raining!!


  4. That deserves a HUMUNGO Congratulations & lots of good cheer!



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