Love oh love oh careless love … Okay, how about careful love? Is that better? A love full of caring is a good kind of love.

I love my husband. My son and his family. My granddaughter. Our friends and our furry kids who have the good taste to adore us in return. I love the flowers in the spring, fresh snow covering the ground (but not if I have to shovel it!). The smell of grass right after cutting. The pure sensuality of hot water over my body (though for some reason, it’s hard for me to take that first step to get wet) … and how my hair smells just after washing.

Mr. Coffee

Above all of that, all of my people, my creatures. Beyond sensuality, companionship, music, books and all other things that give me joy ..

I love coffee.

coffeeThe smell of it as it brews. Mmm. The heat from it as I wrap my hands around the cup. Ah! That first taste, that delicious embracing taste. It’s the taste of morning, a sip of glory. I am sure that God made the world in six days (or six billion years, whatever … six something anyhow) … but on the seventh whatever … He, She, They or It made coffee. And then rested, feet up, in a state of utter and complete bliss.


How do I love thee, my cup o’ joe? Through all of my ill-health … through surgeries, cancer, recoveries and pending heart surgery, my first question following diagnosis is always “But I can still have coffee, right?” Because even should they say no, that coffee would kill me, I would drink it anyway. Life without coffee is not worth living.

There are some things too precious to give up.

I love coffee. Really. Love. Coffee.

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times – Le Chaim!

You mean … I don’t need a new mitral valve? No major surgery?

I can just go home? It was all a mistake?

Are you sure?

I mean … this isn’t another mistake? I’m not going to die of heart failure if I don’t get major repairs done on the central pump?

Wow. I think I need to sit down and catch my breath. Ha ha, very funny. I feel like I’ve just been given a reprieve from a life sentence …

slice of lime

I don’t even know what to do with myself. I’m going to drink this tall cold glass of sparkly water, then I’m going to start hugging every single person I know and not leave out any of the dogs, cats or horses …and then I’m going to laugh for a full week. And after that, sleep. Really sleep.

Le Chaim!

Note: This is a fantasy. It’s not true (oh how I wish it was). I still need the surgery. 


A Red Dragonfly

We went out shooting today to find the first autumn leaves. We found leaves, but more interesting, Garry found something we’ve never seen before: a bright red dragonfly.


I’ve seen them in blue and green, iridescent as they hover near the water. For some reason, dragonflies hang around people. They seem to find us interesting and will keep coming back to investigate. Garry got a couple of shots of this scarlet dragonfly, so despite all the information assuring me that these are not found in the United States. In fact, they are not found anywhere on this side of Planet Earth yet this one seemed quite at home in Rhode Island.

Which, last I heard, is on the left side of earth.


I did a bit of googling and turned up some information. I looked in several places and the thing everyone is sure about is red dragonflies don’t live here.

Red dragonflies — also known as the Red-veined Darter or Nomad (Sympetrum fonscolombii) — is a dragonfly of the genus Sympetrum, native to southern Europe and China. Since the 1990s, it has increasingly been found in northwest Europe, including Britain and Ireland.

You might also spot them in the Azores and Canary Islands.

So … how did this one got to the Blackstone Valley? Anyone want to take a guess?


I don’t get it. I’ve been listening to arguments against gun control since I was a child. When I was six, I didn’t understand why anyone would not want guns regulated. I do not understand it today when I am 66.

Our family has a Red Ryder Daisy BB rifle with which we shoot paper targets. My son inherited his father’s target 22. It’s a pretty thing. Holds a single shell and is intended for competition target shooting. My son keeps it clean, oiled, and unloaded. I assume it works, though no one has used it in a long time.

Red Ryder BB gun

I like target shooting and I’m a good shot. I’ve never killed anything, not counting bugs … and you won’t get any apologies from me on that score. If insects stay outside, that’s okay with me. In my domain? Bugs get as dead as I can squash them.

But the whole gun thing. The fascination with guns, the passion for them. The belief that we need to have them because if not, “they” will take away our freedom? Who are “they” and what exactly do they want? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have anything much that anyone would want. Frankly, if you want it that badly, geez, just take it. I’m not going to die for anything I own. They’re just things.


At the risk of asking a stupid question, what freedom are “they” coming to take away? My right to have a blog? Is this blog so important that someone is going to bring the swat-mobile to stop me from posting? How about my right to take photographs? Does anyone care that much? The right to pay my bills? You can have that freedom. Please, take it. No guns required. My right to own a car? That’s pretty well-regulated already. Watch TV? Charter Communications owns me. Feel free to take Charter Communications, however. Just leave me WiFi.

How about phone calls? I’m in thrall to the cable company and AT&T already. Could the government be worse? I tend to doubt it. My calls — and yours — are already monitored by the NSA. Seriously, exactly what freedoms are “they” going to take and why would “they” bother?

Virtually every aspect of life is regulated. You can’t cut hair or sell insurance without a license. You can’t own or drive a car without a license, registration and insurance. Most places, you need to get a license to build an extension on your house, change the wiring, remodel your kitchen or put up a new roof. You need a license for your dogs and cats.

We aren’t connected to town water or sewage, so we pay whatever it costs to keep our well healthy and our septic functional. If they ever put in city water and sewer, I’m sure we’ll be required to hook up and pay some ridiculous amount of money to do it.  With all the perils, I prefer my own water. As of this writing, the air is free. If someone figures out how to regulate it, I’m sure they will. And sin. That’s free, but there’s always (heh) syntax.


So what is such a big deal about requiring gun licensing and registration? We control and limit citizens’ access to pretty much everything. Why are guns sacred? Don’t talk to me about the Constitution. We have reinterpreted the constitution to align with the realities of modern life over and over again. There is no reason guns can’t be treated the same way as anything else.

The arguments against sensible gun control are stupid. If we control who can drive a car and how that car can be driven and there are a staggering number of traffic regulations enforced with considerable vigor, why can’t we exert at least as much control over weapons? You can’t drive drunk, how come you can walk around drunk with a gun? To whom does this make sense? Not me. I’m flummoxed by the illogic.

I would never want to limit my right — or yours —  to own a car, unless there’s good reason. Such as eyesight so poor you are not able to safely operate a vehicle. Or your having been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being unable to pay for at least minimal insurance and registration. Or you can’t pass the driver’s test. It would be irresponsible to give licenses to blind, drunk, or incapable drivers, wouldn’t it? How could equivalent oversight not be appropriate for guns? Seriously?

Butch Cassidy’s gun sold for $175,000.


To own a gun, you have to pass a test to make sure you know how to shoot and care for a weapon. You become obligated to keep it out of the wrong hands. You need to be able to see well enough to properly aim a gun and be able to hit a target. You need pass a background check so we know you aren’t a felon or a dangerous wacko.

You have to register your guns. All of them. You must know where they are and you may not lend them to anyone. If a gun is lost or stolen, you must report it. You need gun liability insurance on every weapon you own that contains a firing pin. If a weapon registered to you gets used in an illegal act, causes harm to others — with or without your consent — you are responsible for damages. If you don’t go to jail, you can still wind up in court.


The nation, as well as individual states and counties can tax your weapons and refuse to license weapons deemed inappropriate for private owners. If you want a weapon that is considered unsuitable, you will have to get a different license, not to mention provide an explanation.

Simple, isn’t it? We license cars because cars are potentially dangerous; you can kill someone with a car. All this regulation doesn’t mean we don’t own cars. Obviously we own a lot of cars. We simply try to control who is allowed to drive and keep track of who owns what. It doesn’t mean we can keep every drunk off the road, prevent all accidents or stop joy-riding kids, but we do the best we can.

I have yet to hear a coherent argument against this plan — probably because there isn’t any. Guns should be regulated like every other dangerous thing.