Red Barn White Snow

As bright as is the autumn, winter is intensely white. A monochromatic world where the intensity of the whiteness makes any other color jump out at you. As does this red barn on a fresh white snowy field. Hadley, Massachusetts.

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  1. Beautiful image, different; I like it a lot! Exellent post Marilyn


    • Thanks. I was posting all these photos in rich color and I thought … yes, but then there’s winter and whiteness. So I threw in that one. I like the red barn against the snow. It was actually snowing pretty hard when I shot that (it’s not blurry or foggy … it was snow falling). I would have taken more, but got worried about my camera getting wet 🙂

      On Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 12:08 PM, SERENDIPITY



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