From Bizarro (Dan Piraro):

OLD BIZNESS: I’ve done quite a few Noah’s Ark cartoons, but this one from 2008 is my favorite by far. I get a huge kick out of how many “first world” citizens still believe the world was created a few thousand years ago, then try to squeeze dinosaurs into the mix somehow. This is meant to help those people with what must be some monstrously unwieldy cognitive dissonance

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4 thoughts on “ANOTHER THEORY

  1. I have a niece since finding her God, home schools to protect her children from whatever she has deemed evil.
    Remember the movie Water World, their were webbed toes so it was a evil movie. Against her God.
    I tried to explain it was fantasy, a movie but I was told I did not understand.
    I like this cartoon, might be the truth.


    • We had neighbors like your neice. They were rather spooky after a while. One day they disappeared. Probably to a compound in Montana or Idaho.

      There’s a fair amount of truth in cartoons … this one is particularly on target I thought.


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