If Other People Took On A “Government Shut-Down” Approach… THE BYRONIC MAN

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“You have cancer, which is horrible. The treatment is chemotherapy which should help but I think there should be something better, so I’ve decided to let you die. I will be charging you for the treatment, though.”

“I realize we lost the big game, but we really wanted to win, so we’ve locked the gates of the stadium, and no one is allowed to go home until you change the scoreboard and give us the game ball.”

“I can see you spent a lot of time setting the menu and preparing Thanksgiving dinner, but I think the way turkeys are raised is inhumane, so I’ve set fire to the house.”

“Well, the brake pads are thin, your radiator hose is cracked, and this timing belt has had it.  I can fix it all, and would be happy to, but I also noticed that the door latch is sticking, and I just hate doors, so I’ve put your car in the back lot until the door falls off.”

“I am aware that I voted for you, but that was on the assumption that you had the ethics and intellectual ability to put the good of the people you serve ahead of childish games, feeble-minded combatism, and partisan posturing, so I will be voting for someone else in the next election.”

Oh, wait. That last one makes sense, doesn’t it.

Marilyn Armstrong‘s insight:

Well put, my friend. Horrible but funny.

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Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

4 thoughts on “If Other People Took On A “Government Shut-Down” Approach… THE BYRONIC MAN”

  1. I can’t find fault with our president. He’s just doing his job. That’s more than can be said for the Republicans. They’ve been after Obama’s head since his first day in office many years ago now. Since gaining a majority in the House that is they only play. They’re too stupid to compromise but insist of holding us hostage to get their way. Again, I admire our president for holding his ground, stating, enough is enough. Heads must roll because of this stupid, stubborn, childish attitude by the Republican Party. They are dooming themselves for years to come. That is, except for the equally stupid Republican faithful, who will continue hating Obama for doing his job, despite them.


    1. I would like to think you are right. The electorate seems to have a frighteningly short memory, especially in the GOP. Let’s hope they remember this fiasco.


  2. This Republicans have played a game with no way out. I agree the the Senate Democrats for saying no more.
    I hope the President holds his ground and someone, anyone takes leadership of the Congress.
    I am embarrassed of my Government.


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