Emergency measures have been initiated when our intrepid vacationers, Garry and Marilyn Armstrong of Uxbridge, Massachusetts realized they have bigger problems than they realized ... and that's saying something. Maintenance at the 1 star Cape Winds In Hyannis is rumored to be on the way to unclog both of Unit 17's toilets. When Mrs. Armstrong reported … Continue reading BULLETIN!! TOILETS DON’T FLUSH!!


It's 76 miles as the road goes, but it took three hours. Which wasn't bad considering it was a snail trail all the way. Friday night traffic is bad and the roads to the Cape are the most crowded. No matter. We were in a good mood. Patient. No screaming and cursing as we were … Continue reading VACATION REPORT: DAY 1 – “WHAT A DUMP!”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity – GRAND CANYON

Talk about infinity. Arizona's Grand Canyon is overwhelming, almost incomprehensible in its vastness and seems to go on forever. Visually, it does. Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite (dailypost.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated - Gardens (teepee12.com) What a Little Sunlight Can Do, Ooh, Ooh (teepee12.com) Autumn on Time (teepee12.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated - Fabulous … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinity – GRAND CANYON