This is either some proto-Buddhist New Age religious thing or an advertising gimmick. See is the new time? What was the “old” time? Hear? Touch? Feel?

Bah, humbug!My mug

Oh, I see … You mean “sea” and “thyme.” You want me to replace all the thyme in my recipes with sea salt.

Well then, what do I do with recipes that call for salt and thyme? Double up on the salt? It will be inedible. Don’t bother you with details? These aren’t details. I can’t just salt everyone to death … can I?

I need coffee. Where are my eyeglasses? I can’t (har har) see. Who took them? Oh, I’m wearing them. Never mind.

I’ll get back to you on this. After I find the kitchen. I’m pretty sure it’s just down the hall and off to the right. Or was it left?

“C” is the new time? We’ll all be coding in C? Why? Maybe it’s the key of C and we’ll all be playing marches in C major? Or minor. Marches in a minor key. Yeah, I can see … there’s that word again … see, sea, C, si?

C U later. Coffee is the new ___!


3 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT: “SEE” IS THE NEW “TIME”

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