Expression. You can know a lot about the man from that face. Smart. Pleasant. A bit … okay a lot … cynical. He’s been around. Seen more than his share. Don’t underestimate him.



The Johari Window is a method of representing information (regarding feelings, experiences, motivations, intentions, attitudes, etc) – from 4 specific perspectives. It is a technique to help you understand how you are perceived by others, and how you see yourself. The perspectives include:

  • Open area: The things you know about yourself, that others also know about you. This is the area into which anyone of good will is welcome. Yes, even you over there in the corner.
  • Blind area: The things you don’t know about yourself, but others know. Around here, we call it denial. Everyone can see it but you. It is powerful. If I wanted to see those elephants, I could. I choose not to and strongly recommend you avoid even mentioning those pachyderms lumbering about, knocking over the tea trays.
  • Hidden area: The things you know about yourself that others do not know. I keep my secrets. If you entrust me with a secret, it is a secret forever, even after you die. If I choose to not reveal my own secrets, woe be he or she who tries to breach that locked door.
  • Unknown self: The things no one knows about you. If I don’t know and you don’t know, isn’t it obvious I can’t tell you? Sheesh.

This is a very tall order. With a Scorpio moon warning me to keep my secrets, let no one into those dark corners … and my Pisces sun saying “Does it matter? Just go with the flow!” while my Leo Ascendent itches for the attention, the winner — as usual — is Saturn sitting conjunct my ascendant.

Marilyn's Horoscope

“Caution, caution,” he warns. He weighs heavily on the cusp of that first house, nailing everything into place. He always has the last, cold, rigid, judgmental word.

Thus of the four areas in that big box, the only one I can really share is “Open” or “Known to Self.” I can show and tell myself. Show, mostly.  So, what’s  to see in my Johari boxes? I sound like an ad for a credit card “What’s in your wallet?” What does my map look like? It’s a photographer’s Johari box! of course … the lay of my land, so to speak.