In this household, we recognize the importance of preventative medicine. With that in mind, we betook ourselves to the doctor to get our annual flu shots. And came home with the flu.

me sicko

We didn’t get it from the shot. That’s a myth. No, we got it from the nice lady who was coughing and refusing to wear a mask because she said it was “just allergies.” Finally, they made her put one on. By then, she had spread the love and I’m betting every person in the waiting room that day is sick now.

You know you are feeling really lousy when the list of things you want to do reads like this:

  1. Nothing.
  2. Be unconscious.
  3. Take enough drugs to make me not care,
  4. Nothing.

My back isn’t good with the idea of spending a day in bed. It lodges a strong objection. The rest of me takes issue with Spine, which always  seems to have the final word. It doesn’t matter if the other body parts would prefer a few days of unconsciousness huddled under the down comforter.

“Why,” ask the Gasping Lungs, “Is it always your call? What makes you so special?”

Spine causes one of the trapezoid muscles to seize, forcing little shrieks of pain from Throat, which is sore.

“Okay, fine, I get it,” say the remainder of the body parts. There’s not going to be a happy compromise here.

As of this writing, no part of me feels good. Most of me feels terrible. I can’t think. My brain is jumbled. My stomach is heaving, probably from the decongestants and other stuff I’ve swallowed in an attempt to get some relief. My head hurts and I have a fever. How high? I don’t know. I lost the thermometer last year.

Is this really the flu? Maybe it’s just a really nasty cold. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

23 thoughts on “CALL ME SICKO

  1. Sure hope by the time I read this you are much better! Talk about rotten…that is about the rottenness description ever! Take two aspirin and go to bed. Yeah! Right! Catch the sarcasm? Get well soon!


  2. Both my doctors were out of flu shots – ended up going to Rite Aide. My arm was sore for almost a week – must have hit a muscle. My husband got one from his doc and had not a pinch of pain. But, no flu for us. It will be amazing when you get back to normal, whatever that is for you, you will think you never felt this good. REST!


  3. Oh Marilyn, so not good. I already enjoyed this earlier in the season. It came with fever, stuffiness and head to toe misery. This sounds like you are enjoying this now too. How nice of that lady to share it with you and everyone else in the waiting room. Hope you find some relief and get some rest. Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do I guess. Just a wonderful time of year isn’t it? NOT!!


  4. Awwww, sorry to hear this, or should I say Read this. It is terrible when a sore spine makes you sit up in an uncomfortable chair (they are all uncomfortable at that point) even though you just want to stay down. I know that feeling. Get well soon!


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