I looked out my window. The bright yellow trees have turned bronze, the scarlet maples are bare. But there, in the middle of the brown of November is one, bright tree — a Japanese Maple given to me years ago by my cousin. It has been lovingly nurtured for over a decade. Here is the last shining tree of Autumn 2013. The last tree standing.


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  1. How lovely! What I am really enjoying is the sight of my patio, backyard, and sidewalk, covered in numerous different colors of leaves. Makes me wish I had a camera!


  2. They’re beautiful trees– I love how it’s the only bright thing in the picture– so striking!


  3. There is no tree as beautiful as the Japanese Maple. This is a gorgeous shot of it. I tried everything to grow one here, but it is too hot. This is just lovely.


  4. I love Japanese Maples. So pretty πŸ™‚


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