I can almost always find something to laugh about. This isn’t one of those times. My usual zany sense of humor seems to have abandoned me. I can hardly blame it. I’ve been totally unfunny for the last few days. Being sick as an excuse only gets you so far. After that, all that’s left is “Boy, you’re really a DRAG.”


So if anyone sees a sense of humor wandering around looking lost? Check its tags. It’s probably mine. Tell it I miss it and I promise to be nicer to it in the future.


What was I looking for and why? Seriously? Why would you care? Why would anyone care? Searching for something, finding it and moving on are kind of like breathing in and out. As natural as plugging a lamp into a socket. As normal as expecting your refrigerator to be cold.

Google Chrome

So there I was, answering a prompt. I needed a picture of Sidney Poitier and another of George Hamilton. It took about 10 seconds to find each of them, another second or two to pick them out, save them, and insert them in the post.

I doubt this is exciting news to anyone. This is how and why people use Google. Are we descending into serious levels of deep triviality here or what? Just saying.

I have a great idea for The Decision Makers of WordPress. Let’s do “What did you have for lunch and why?” next time. That’ll really get our creative juices flowing!


with friends like theseWhen Callie Walking — child of a Lakota magician father and a Scottish witch mother — meets one of the oldest living vampires, a creature so powerful it’s impossible to even gauge the extent of his power, one of two things is going to happen. Death or friendship.

I would be struck dumb if this is not the first story in a series. Callie Walking and Aristo Ionios are perfect for a series. He’s ancient with powers beyond understanding. She is young, but no slouch in the power department and one can only imagine how much more powerful she will be as she matures.

They meet. They talk. They take a wild ride on a classic Indian motorcycle. They talk some more. A chord is struck, a resonance.

She wants to know how he defeated the wards she set up to protect her client. She’s not deep in mourning for the client — he was, after all, a serial killer. But she want to know how her wards were defeated. The vampire she meets is not what she expects. He’s something else. Unique. Despite herself, Callie is fascinated and attracted.

This isn’t a full length novel. It’s 93 pages, which makes it either a long short story or a novella. Whatever you want to call it, it’s very good. I don’t say this lightly, but rarely have I encountered two more intriguing main characters. And I want more. There isn’t any more, not yet … but I live in hope. This could be a series worth following. Magic, witches, vampires, great dialogue and the entire story just oozes atmosphere.

You can buy With Friends Like These on Kindle at Amazon for $3.99 and it’s worth every penny. Buy it. If you do, maybe the author will write more and I would personally appreciate that.