I’m really enjoying this NaBloPoMo and Yeah Right thing, but it’s turning out to be a challenge in ways I never foresaw. Writing is easy. Everything else? I’m doomed.

Maybe it’s the pneumonia. Maybe it’s early onset Alzheimer’s. Whatever it is, I am lost. This is not typical of me, at least in the technical arena. I’m pretty computer savvy. Usually. But I have no idea what I’m doing. I don’t even know how — or worse IF — I’ve done something right or wrong.

I try to submit an entry and as soon as I do, I see an entry is already there for a different post, but with today’s date. I know I didn’t submit it today because it’s only 2AM and I wrote that post almost a week ago. So unless it got put on hold because I accidentally entered twice (yeah, that too), not to mention unintentionally voting for myself (uh huh, also that) and the only reason I didn’t subscribe twice was the computer wouldn’t let me  …


I’m terminally befuddled. Whatever I try to do, something else happens. I’m hoping this is just a passing thing because I don’t know how I could go the rest of my life like this. I can see myself wandering the Valley, trying to remember what I was supposed to be doing. Forever driving back and forth between Uxbridge and Whitinsville.

At least the scenery is pretty.

(Heaves great sigh then starts to wheeze.)