Out the back door

Just a door. My door. The one that leads to the deck. That’s the deck from which I take most of my woodsy pictures because it’s a great view of the yard and the woods that seem to go on forever. It’s an old screen door, not in very good shape. It came with the house so it’s nearly 40 years old. And original.

Hopefully, it’ll make it through another year. And the leaves will have to be cleaned up or they’ll make a horrible mess when the snow comes.



20 thoughts on “AN ORDINARY THING

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  6. I love doors! That sounds like an inane thing to say, but there’s something about doorways that grab my attention every time. Dave even painted me a door once! 🙂 This one is beautiful and the leaves decorate it beautifully!


    • You are in good company. There are entire books of photographs devoted to doors. And windows. There’s something about them, maybe the geometry or the promise.


    • Thank you. The leaves love us. They infiltrate everywhere. We have dogs and a doggy door, so I’ve gotten used to finding oak leaves in my bed, the bathroom, my clothing, everywhere 🙂


      • I can relate. Doggy door means everything outside comes in! Lots of leaves here and there, some going crunch crunch under me as I try to sleep. Frustrating at times, somewhat funny at others. Nice photo!


        • Thanks. Tomorrow I’d better go move those attractive leaves because if I don’t, their start to mulch on the deck. The dogs LOVE the leaves and burrow head first into them. But the foolish creatures also love snow.


    • I wanted to add that it was exactly that juxtaposition of colors and leaves … a took about two dozen different versions of this shot. I’ve got some others I haven’t done anything with yet, but I’ll get to them. It’s shapes, colors, a kind of balance thing. Thank you for noticing!


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