Red says stop, or does it?

I am always lost. Sometimes a lot lost. Other times, fully turned around. Surely driving through our little town should not add to my confusion … yet it does.

Which light is for going straight? Is this lane stopped? Turning? Tell me, I don’t know! What? How? Red, yellow, green … Why do we need so many lights for a single, small intersection?

I’m confused. Life is confusing. Which doctor should I be seeing? How many of which pill for what? I’m tired of being lost. Lost in life, lost in traffic.

Lost o lost and by the wind grieved … Thanks Thomas Wolfe.

Is that a policeman? “Officer, did I do something wrong? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.Β Is there a manual for this intersection?” Is there a manual for life?

Green is for going.
Green is for going.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.

31 thoughts on “TURN WHERE? WHEN? WHY?”

    1. It is, especially when you consider you could do without any lights. There is very little traffic. Someone just decided to spend the town budget on lights one year. There’s ONE other intersection and it has even MORE lights. These are little roads in a small town. Talk about overkill!


  1. Oh thats me! lol But think of it this way if there was a manual to life that we all followed, wouldn’t it be really boring? Hmmm… Stepford ; )


      1. Yes I agree but that could be like getting a Christmas pressie in clear wrapping! No surprises. You know what we all really need? A manual on how to understand teenagers! That book would’ve saved me a lot of trouble : D


  2. I know the feeling! I get lost a lot while driving around. GPS helps a lot–how did I ever manage without it? (Well, I didn’t, I got lost all the time.) I find the Internet to be so helpful too for all those little questions I need answered all the time. Basically, technology is getting me through the trials of everyday life. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh, I hate intersections when things are so ambiguous. And complicated! Driving takes quite a bit of concentration, ya know, staying on the road and all, and then to add stuff like this to it.


    1. Actually, town is easy. They don’t need all those lights. There’ just ONE intersection, one main street. One light would do including a turning light, but I suppose someone had a budget to string up a lot of light.


        1. The funny thing is the intersection is a T. You can only go straight ahead or (depending on direction) turn left/right. One light for each direction including a turning light would have been more than enough. With good signage, they don’t even need a light. It’s a small town. All the lights don’t help. They make a simple thing complex.


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