Red says stop, or does it?

I am always lost. Sometimes a lot lost. Other times, fully turned around. Surely driving through our little town should not add to my confusion … yet it does.

Which light is for going straight? Is this lane stopped? Turning? Tell me, I don’t know! What? How? Red, yellow, green … Why do we need so many lights for a single, small intersection?

I’m confused. Life is confusing. Which doctor should I be seeing? How many of which pill for what? I’m tired of being lost. Lost in life, lost in traffic.

Lost o lost and by the wind grieved … Thanks Thomas Wolfe.

Is that a policeman? “Officer, did I do something wrong? I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.ย Is there a manual for this intersection?” Is there a manual for life?

Green is for going.

Green is for going.


31 thoughts on “TURN WHERE? WHEN? WHY?

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    • It is, especially when you consider you could do without any lights. There is very little traffic. Someone just decided to spend the town budget on lights one year. There’s ONE other intersection and it has even MORE lights. These are little roads in a small town. Talk about overkill!


  2. Oh thats me! lol But think of it this way if there was a manual to life that we all followed, wouldn’t it be really boring? Hmmm… Stepford ; )


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