It’s a long first step out that front door. Maybe a ladder would help?

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    1. Someone suggested it might be a loading dock … but if so, the door is awfully narrow. Looks to me like the steps went away and they just never bothered to replace them 🙂 I hope the door is sealed!


  1. Great response to the prompt. I didn’t notice the lack of steps until I read what you said. 🙂 And congrats on winning the yeah write drawing, too!


  2. I had a friend back in St. Louis with this exact setup. His insurance company threatened to cancel his policy if he didn’t get a staircase installed. I’m a carpenter/woodworker so I volunteered to build him his backdoor landing, complete with staircase and handrail. Poor Pete couldn’t drive a nail or use a saw if his life depended on it but he was one hell of a mechanic so we traded our skills. I built his deck and he maintained my car. Everyone was happy.


    1. Well, this place has been this way for years. It doesn’t look like they have any plans. So I hope the door doesn’t really work! We could use some carpentry around here ! Drop by 🙂


              1. It does like you and I love your photo. Nice to see you smiling. I can still picture the one you posted in the mirror when you were not feeling well M. Cheers : )


                1. Oh, the picture I took right after I’d just smooshed my face going splat in the parking lot? I’ll have you know I wouldn’t have smooshed my face so badly if I had used my hands to break my fall rather than protecting my camera. I have it engraved on my brain that I will heal, but the camera won’t. And the camera is fine, thank you 🙂 AND I was right. I healed 🙂


    1. I passed that place — parked in front of it for the deli next door — for years without realizing the door had no stoop. So maybe not such a good eye. Until I had the camera in my hand, I didn’t see it. My very BAD.


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