I'm afraid of spiders. Not because they are dangerous, though some are. Not because of the potential toxicity. I'm afraid of spiders because they are creepy, make my skin crawl, and make me scream like a little girl. EEK, I shriek and jump straight out of my chair with my heart pounding like a trip … Continue reading DAILY PROMPT: FEAR FACTOR – EEK!


Something happened yesterday that never happened before. An angry exchange became friendly. Because I was able to step back, realize that my "opponent" was not my enemy. I pulled back and gave him a chance to back off too. We both benefited. It happens all the time on the Internet. We get into heated exchanges … Continue reading A REMARKABLE THING HAPPENED


For those of you who think Norman Rockwell only painted idealized images, he didn't. His idealized images are the most popular, but he painted many other, hard-edged pictures. If you're in the neighborhood of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, I recommend the Norman Rockwell Museum. It's an American experience. I especially like this Thanksgiving cover for Life Magazine -- … Continue reading HAPPY THANKSGIVING