I’m afraid of spiders. Not because they are dangerous, though some are. Not because of the potential toxicity. I’m afraid of spiders because they are creepy, make my skin crawl, and make me scream like a little girl.

Carolina wolf spider with spiderlings, large

EEK, I shriek and jump straight out of my chair with my heart pounding like a trip hammer. The loudness of my EEK and the hysterical pounding in my chest is in direct proportion to the blackness and largeness of the spider. Bigger is scarier. Big, black and hairy might actually kill me from sheer panic and irrational terror.

A friend of mine was attacked by a wolf spider while sun bathing on her patio in Arizona. The thing was the size of a small dinner plate (dessert plate?) and landed on her breast, then proceeded to take a chunk out of her. The pain was one thing. The fear was so intense she promptly sold her house and moved to a place where there are no wolf spiders. I’m with her.

Big Hairy Spider

But today, I am a warrior. I have power. I do not go EEK!

I went into my bedroom to change my clothing this afternoon. There, in the middle of my white blanketed bed was a medium-sized black garden spider. Did I scream in panic? Did I even go EEK? NO! I rallied my womanly strength, balled up my clean pink tee-shirt that I had just taken from my cupboard and squashed it. Kept squashing until it was nothing but a black smear of used-to-be-a-spider. Then, I put the tee-shirt on.

I went and told my husband. He gave me a proud thumb’s up.

I wear dead spider proudly. I am woman. Hear me roar.

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  1. It’s a common fear, I fear. A phobia for some.


  2. Yeeks. I did not need to see spider pictures at 7:30 in the morning 😦
    I still go eek!


  3. Good for you! Great progress and charge-taking. I hope I can learn to be gutsier in challenging my own phobias and will look to this progress of yours for inspiration. 😀


  4. You are truly brave. Slayed only with a tee-shirt. As a teenager, I dropped my sister’s dictionary on a writing spider who had ridden my crinoline petticoat into the house and fallen off on the bedroom floor. I still shudder at the thought of the stain on the book cover. I loved your story! 🙂


  5. THEM…..


  6. Squashed spider T-shirts might be the next big thing in fashion….


  7. Hahahaaa! I used to live in Arizona, saw many a threatening creatures, including wolf spiders, I never knew anyone who was attacked by one. That is very strange!

    I love how you wore the spider! You are the “other” kind of spider-woman! 😉


    • It probably wasn’t attacking her, just landed on her, got scared and did what scared things do … fight. But she thought she was going to die of heart failure and that was the end of life in the desert for her. I felt that way about scorpions when I lived in Isreal. Also those giant flying cockroaches they call palmetto bugs in the south, and jukim in Israel. Same hideous bug. Makes a rattling sound when it flies and bumping into one of them in the bathroom in the middle of the night? OY. I’m not ONLY afraid of spiders. All creepy bugs do me in. Except butterflies and moths, all the rest are nightmares.


  8. I have never understood the fear of spiders or bugs. Heck, all one has to do is squash them.



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