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  1. Just beautiful, Marilyn, both the images and the words! Just beautiful. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!


    • Thanks. I was shooting handheld in very low light, so everything’s a bit grainy. I’ve since gotten a really fast lens for night shooting, though it won’t take the place of a superzoom … and none of them is quite fast enough to shoot at night without a tripod. But I liked the images anyway and finally overcame my dislike of graininess.


  2. OOoo, I want to sit there and smell the surroundings, hear the peacefulness and feel the breezes. Beautiful photography!


    • It was lovely. AND there was a bench for me to sit on, making it a lot easier for me. Garry went off into the bushes, clambering around the paths and dunes with his camera. He’s much more agile than I am. I have to substitute a long lens and cleverness for doing what he still does, crawling around, climbing up on things to get the pictures. I used to do that. I just can’t anymore.


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