For those of you who think Norman Rockwell only painted idealized images, he didn’t. His idealized images are the most popular, but he painted many other, hard-edged pictures. If you’re in the neighborhood of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, I recommend the Norman Rockwell Museum. It’s an American experience. I especially like this Thanksgiving cover for Life Magazine — reminding us that the Pilgrims were a humorless bunch. They wouldn’t approve of Thanksgiving, not one little bit and you probably wouldn’t want them at your table.

I enjoy Thanksgiving. The idea of it. It’s good there’s a day dedicated to gratitude. And eating too much, visiting with family and friends. But — you knew there was going to be a “but” didn’t you? — I am frequently reminded there are people who don’t have a family. Others who don’t have much to celebrate. And of course Native Americans, who on the whole, don’t find Thanksgiving a reason to rejoice.

So, while we are consuming our dinners and enjoying our family, please give a thought to those who aren’t celebrating. Can’t celebrate. Are disinclined to celebrate.

Please don’t post stuff promoting a work ban on holidays. There are people who need the extra money from working holidays. Not everyone has someplace to go. For many, working holidays is an escape from the pressure of a warm fuzzy event in which they cannot (or will not) participate.

It’s wonderful to be grateful for what we have. It’s also good to be mindful that not everyone is equally or similarly blessed.


16 thoughts on “HAPPY THANKSGIVING

    • That was good. You managed to be funny — and make a real point — at the same time. Good writing. Good thinking. A rueful laugh from me and many others. Thank YOU.


    • He was an interesting guy. My husband interviewed him a couple of years before he died. Garry doesn’t remember the interview. He just remembers all the pictures on the walls!


  1. I always appreciate someone who posts something from a different perspective. I hadn’t thought about the fact that someone might want/need to work on Thanksgiving… I don’t like the idea of someone being compelled to though. I used to work all holidays when I was in college because I didn’t have anyone to spend them with plus you got time and a half and an excuse to do as little work as possible 🙂


  2. Now, I recollect seeing some of this stuff when we visited Mr. Rockwell at his home to do an interview. I think it’s one of the last he did. The interview and the day was lost in the cobwebs upstairs.


    • It lets you escape from the emotional pressure to be happy when you’re not and puts some money in your pocket. Many folks have good reason to not want to participate. It bothers me (as do many things) that the pressure to do Happy Face is so unrelenting. I believe in freedom, but it’s not a popular position anymore.


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