Heritage Museum and Gardens Annual Lights Aglow was last night. Trees and buildings and tents … lights everywhere. It was a very cold night. Hard to shoot when your fingers are going numb from the chill, but I can’t shoot with gloves.Β 

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  1. You might try what I finally found helps me at least a little for cold-weather shooting: garden gloves. I get the most fitted stretch gloves with the grip-coated palms, and while they’re not anything like down mittens or woolens, they keep my fingertips free enough to move. I’m thinking next time I might try layering fingerless wool gloves over the garden gloves and see if the fingertip sensitivity remains good enough but keeping the rest of the hand slightly warmer helps too. We shall see! In any case, these are lovely photos. Wouldn’t know from looking how much you suffered for them! πŸ˜‰


    • The buttons and dials on my camera are hard to feel with bare fingers. 4/3 cameras are petite, like my fingers. Even in the coldest winter when I’m shooting snow, the best I can do is wear a glove on my left hand, then have a glove on the right that I can pull on and off quickly. It’s the price I pay for shooting in the cold. There are those gloves with the finger cut off — but it’s my fingers that are cold, so I’m not sure what that would accomplish.


  2. Loved the antique cars at Heritage Museum and it was a lovely Holiday setting. Just too damn cold!!


  3. Now this was truly funny Marilyn. πŸ™‚ I used to refer to my last wife, #3, as the “Frigidaire”. Now I know why, she didn’t have a “spot”. LOL



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