A sentiment … several sentiments … to which I can really relate. John Prine. Singing (well, you know, it’s John Prine so it’s singing, sort of) one of  my favorites. Musical philosophy. I am inordinately, perhaps excessively fond of wit.

The meaning of life according to John Prine. He sums it up for me. Thanks John!

Finally, a musical look at aging. Talk about summing it up. Tom Paxton was always a favorite. Which shows my age as much as my shining silver hair.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all plus a big helping of cynicism.


  1. Glad to see you writing about a resident of my fair city. John Prine is always performing somewhere around here.


    1. We seriously considered moving to the Nashville area. We have friends there and I do so love the music. I have some concerns with some of Tennessee’s culture and politics — and the tornados. But both of us love the music and I had a vision of being surrounded by some of the best music in the world. Sadly, my husband cant get past finding Tennesse scary and nearby Kentucky a lot scarier. Up here in frigid New England, our mismatched pigmentation isn’t a big issue but in some parts of the south we would be an unpopular couple. The music almost makes up for it.

      I hope Prine will be okay. Lung cancer is not always lethal and he has the less aggressive form of it … but cancer, whatever kind, is always serious.


      1. I understand your concerns, but Tennessee is not a bad place to live. Nashville is a very progressive city, and, as you say, the music is awesome. There is also a great food scene. Many of the top chef’s are opening restaurants. There is a great art community, too.

        I am a native but find myself disagreeing a lot politically as well. I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I guess that means I don’t have a political home.

        Oh, we don’t like Kentucky, either.


        1. It’s a moot point now. We’re upside down in this house, so here we are until either we die or there’s some kind of real estate-based miracle. But I believe you. I did a lot of research on the area. The cities — Nashville, Memphis — are pretty much normal and so are most of the near suburbs. But out in the country it’s different. We had friends who moved to Dickson — a mistake, as it turned out. They were in the wrong place. The stayed a couple of years and went back to St. Peterburg (too hot for me). I’d love to at least get down there to visit. It’s just a really long drive


          1. You should definitely visit. I can tell about all of the non-tourist places to go. Of course, the tourist places are fun, too.


            1. It depends on how my health holds up … and how Garry feels about the drive. I think (but would have to check) we have friends to stay with … but we’d have to actually get there first 🙂 And Garry would have get past his fear of Klansman attacking in the night.


    1. A lot of songs he wrote became other people’s signature songs. AS a performer, he was a bit limited, but as a songwriter, he was one of the best. No one ever said it better in song. Tom Paxton, too. Most of his work was ultimately made famous by others.


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