Olympus E-PL5 vs. Olympus E-PM2, a surprise

Another case of great minds thinking alike, albeit for slightly different reasons.

Update: The price on the E-PM2 dropped today by $75 … so I bought it. I just wish I could have gotten it with a lens I don’t already have twice over. But it cost the same for the camera body without any lens or with the lens, so okay. Now I have three 14-42mm Olympus lenses. Anyone need an extra? Swap?

New Update (December 27, 2013): The price dropped again a couple of days ago, down to an average of $365 on Amazon (body only, no lens) and other places, too … depending (bizarrely) on what color you pick. Weird colors can be $100 cheaper, as little as $275 and honestly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what color the camera is outside as like as it takes gorgeous pictures!!

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  1. Olympus is one of the pioneers in the new generation of cameras (with interchangeable lens, without mirror). Olympus Produced PEN Mini also known as E-PM1, which is the most affordable camera (without a mirror and with interchangeable lens) in the market. On the other hand Olympus introduced OM-D camera, with great and advanced features. In Photokina 2012 the PEN Lite (E-PL5) and PEN Mini (E-PM2) was introduced. The two cameras are identical except in the E-PM2, the display rotation is not available, even the sizes of these 2 models are almost the same. The main difference between these two can be seen in the appearance of the cameras according to http://www.fisooloo.com/product/Cameras&Photo/DigitalCamera/Olympus/Olympus_PEN_E_PL5 .


    • You don’t have to convince me. I have the PL-1 and the P-3. I wish I could find the money (not likely) for a PM-2. just to get one of the new, bigger sensors, though it is hard to figure how a camera could be faster or more fun than th P3. What I really want — my version of howling at the moon — is a wide-angle that’s also fast. Anything fast isn’t wide enough, and anything that’s wide isn’t fast … and both are usually very expensive. The selection in wide-angle lenses isn’t great anyway, probably because you really can’t go below 9mm without being a fisheye. That’s the downside to the PEN’s “half frame” format. At the WA end, it’s self-limiting. But I still hope I can swing either the 9-18 Oly zoom or the new 12 mm prime. Unlikely, but I can dream!!



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